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The Results We Get For Our Members

Businesses that are part of Entrepreneurs Circle see their sales and revenue grow a LOT more than the average small business in the UK:

Average Growth of Businesses in EC after 2 years vs UK Average

Source: ONS 2019 & 873 Responses to the Entrepreneurs Circle Member Survey of members who have been with EC for at least 2 years - February 2021

Testimonials and Case Studies from EC Members

There are plenty of wannabees, gurus and charlatans out there offering you the latest and greatest way to grow your business. EC isn't that. We're the original (and the best!) when it comes to helping small businesses to get more customers and grow - but don't just take our word for it...

...see for yourself how we've helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses just like you with our testimonials and case studies below.

Watch and read about the success stories members of Entrepreneurs Circle are having:

I knew I had to do more than networking and the odd flyer...

Kim Marlor, KMA Accountancy

Accountability, ideas and obviously the marketing size. And the sense of community and not wanting to let yourself down or obviously other colleagues when they're keen to help you to move your business on. I loved the energy from Nigel and others when I saw...

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It was a mindblowing change

Celia Gaze, The Wellbeing Farm

After deciding to leave the NHS, Celia Gaze embarked on a mission to transform her partner's farm into a beautiful wedding venue called The Wellbeing Farm. Celia joined Entrepreneurs Circle after a low point in her life when she was struggling. The love and support she...

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It's totally transformed our business

Jana Meyer, Tuition Brentwood

Five years ago, we joined. It's transformed our business totally. We were working 24/7 on almost on our business. We didn't have systems in place. We didn't have... We were trying to do absolutely everything. And now we are at a point where we...

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EC gave me the confidence to make the business decisions that I wouldn't have made

Phil Coleman, Barlow Blinds

Phil Coleman runs Barlow Blinds who manufacture, supply and install blinds across Leicestershire. It was established in 1887 and is still going strong (better than ever!), but it wasn't always like that... Before joining the EC, Phil's business was all over the place - then after his...

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We turnover 4x what we did when we joined

Peter Howe, Trafford Fireplaces

Peter Howe has been with EC for over 9 years (almost since the beginning!) and is the proud owner of Trafford Fireplaces in Carlisle at the top of the Lake District. Before joining EC he was barely getting by, stuck on the hamster wheel and with...

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Noel Guilford

I have been an EC member for 7 years and found it invaluable in keeping me abreast of developments in marketing that I can implement in my practice.

Turnover has gone from £2.5k per month to over £1 million per year

Colin Bradford, Magical Maths

Well, since I've joined pretty much everything has changed because I joined six months into starting a business and I'd never run a business tool before. So, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. And back then when I joined I was...

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EC really has changed my life...

Andy Gibney, 3P Publishing

Andy Gibney runs 3D Publishing, which is an established book publishing company and helps individuals self publish books. They also assist with the marketing and selling of the publication through their online store. Here's how EC has changed Andy Gibney's life......

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EC made me accountable... and doubled our business!

Brennan Jacomb, Greenspace

Brennan Jacomb is the owner of Greenspace UK who specialise in Conservatory roofing. He first heard about the EC from one of his ex-business partners and decided to attend some of our events (the first one being in 2012!). The big turning point for Brennan was...

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Now I understand the importance of clear thinking

Pieter De Villiers, Blue Peg Group

Pieter De Villiers joined the EC seeking advice, information and guidance on how to run and develop a business and is is the Co-Founder of Blue Peg Group Ltd. Pieter knew that to move his business forward he needed clearer thinking and to focus his time...

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Brian Storey

Fantastic and inspiring group of people. Learning loads from these guys - so much so it's making my head hurt. But all as valuable as hell. Thank you.

It's given us the confidence to shout about what we do and how good we are at doing it

Mark Turnbull, Turnbull's of Alnwick

Turnbull's of Alnwick is a family run butchers, headed up by Mark Turnbull. With the decline of the high street, Mark knew that he needed to do something drastic to make his business the 'go to' butchers in Alnwick. That's when he came across Ludify... Here's Mark's story...

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The following graph shows a breakdown of the growth we've helped our members achieve:

Source: 873 Responses to the Entrepreneurs Circle Member Survey of members who have been with EC for at least 2 years - February 2021

Our entire business has improved markedly...

Keith Crockford, Rock & Rapid Adventures

Life has changed beyond all recognition for Keith Crockford of Rock and Rapid Adventures. Before joining the EC, Keith had no idea what a Negative Keyword was. Now, his Google AdWords account is filled with more than he can count. Before he became a member of...

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EC's given me the balls I needed(!)

Sarah Aherne, ShweTan

Well, first of all, I've changed for the better. So I've just learned so much, so much stuff from all the TEEPS that I've been coming to. I've been to so many, I can't remember now how many have been on. But my staff,...

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We've more than doubled our sales and profits are up 10-fold!

Geoff Cross, CEN Group

Since I joined the EC our sales in the Central Buses, have more than doubled. They've gone up from 500,000 to 1.3 million. But more importantly, our profits has increased 10 fold, and we've been able to do that by being a lot smarter...

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Ian Redding

I have been a long term member of EC, not only did it change my business when I joined in the way I marketed my business but enabled me to save over £20,000 marketing cost in my first year of membership in showing me how to track the results of my marketing.It keeps me up to date with all the latest techniques and advises when you feel you are going wrong.Don't hesitate in recommending EC to anyone in business.

From a 4-man business to over 30 staff...

James Welsh, My Coaching Education

So I've been a member now two and a half years. When I joined, I'd consider myself probably a clueless business owner. I'd kind of fallen into it. I didn't really know what I was doing. I didn't know how to market my business....

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More leads and far better conversion thanks to what we learnt with EC

Mark Hammond, Abacus Marquee Hire

My way of thinking. Just the the way I do business now has changed. I was brought up with my dad's way. It's quite old school. Yeah, more leads, and far, far better conversion. I'm now following up. My quotes are a lot better....

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£500k of new business...

David & Marie Cross, First Impression Training

David and Marie Cross have turned their business, First Impression Training, around and been able to enjoy some family quality time, all in less than three years. “We’ve committed laser-light focus, energy and hard graft to bring our vision and goals to life,” Marie says. “Having...

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We put another £100k on our bottom line

Nik Allen, My Local News

Nik Allen has been part of the EC for many years and is the owner of My Local News Magazines. 10 days before a trip of a lifetime, Nik received the dreaded HMRC envelope through the post... This is Niks story on how EC changed his life......

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Charlene Jacobs

If there's one thing I can recommend for every Entrepreneur, that should be EC. Before I joined, I was thinking it's just like all other organizations out there, not until my eyes were opened to see where my mistakes are coming from. My small business moved from making a 3 figure sale to 6 figure sales in less than 6 months. Thank You EC.

I knew a lot about corporate life but didn't know about new marketing and media

Martin Norbury, My Advocate Mentor

So I joined... Crikey, I joined a long time ago, over five years. And what's changed, really, is the fact that you pick up the same stuff. But to me, what's really good is it just reemphasizes over and over and over again what...

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More enquiries, more customers, more profit!

Tom Warrender, Medical Mavericks

Since I've joined the Entrepreneur Circle, everything's changed for me really. I've got kind of more regular customers coming through the door. I've got kind of more inquiries. We convert more of those, that's more sales, we're more profitable and basically, at the end...

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We are 37% up on gross profit...

Lesley Howes, The Car Network

It's given me the confidence to know that if I set out to do something, I can do it, and just go for it. I was on Nigel's list, and I just thought, "I'll take a look." And suddenly, I have this lovely group...

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700% ROI

Graham Rowan, Elite Investor Club

"When you’re trying to grow a business, staying focused when a thousand distractions come your way is one of the hardest challenges of all. Two things are always in short supply – time and cash. So the last thing I felt like doing was spending some...

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We have members with businesses of all sizes in pretty much every industry...

We've worked with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in our 10+ year history, so as you'd expect, we have a wealth of experience in almost every type of business:

In business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B).

In almost every major industry.

Of many sizes, from start-ups and one man bands to multi-million pound companies.

In countries worldwide. Currently, we have members from: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Mongolia, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA. Our unusually broad perspective means we know what works in your region and what's working elsewhere in the world.

With different types of product: selling physical goods, services, software and information.

This means whatever your situation, wherever your business is right now, we probably helped a business just like yours to achieve what you want to achieve already...

They might have been one of the hundreds of business owners who were so grateful, they left us a review!

Istvan Forgacs-Beregszaszi

Absolutely amazing team with REAL knowledge and very affordable pricing. HIGHLY recommended 🙂

EC has changed my whole life...

Phil Kiernan, The Farmers Boy Inn

Phil Kiernan own the Farmers Boy Inn, a country pub and restaurant in Gloucestershire, which is famous for its gourmet pies. Phil has been in pub trade for 26 years! He first came across Nigel Botterill and the EC when a CD landed on his doorstep...

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I went from taking no income to multi-millionaire in three years

Glenn Ackroyd, EweMove

Back in 2013, Glenn Ackroyd used to be the 'Head Shepherd' (owner) at Ewemove Sales & Lettings before selling the business just three years later for a whopping £15 million! He originally joined Entrepreneurs Circle off the recommendation of a friend because he had no idea...

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We've just been growing and growing and growing! From £3m to £9m

Sean Taylor, EcoClean Services

My whole business psychology, my whole mind has changed. It was an eye opener, so the last four and a half years, we've just been learning, growing, learning, growing. But I will say it changed our business, almost turned it around. Absolutely. We've grown threefold...

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We’ve grown to over 100 bookings a week!

Andrew Wood, Andrew Wood Photography

Andrew Wood is the owner of 'Andrew Wood Photography' and they specialise in 'Confidence Boosting Photography for Women'. The idea came together when he heard about finding your 'Category of One' at an EC event. Since then, they've rejuvenated their booking system and have gone to having...

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Ben Nichols

Absolutely LOVE the EC. I've learnt more from being an EC member then from my entire MBA AND I've got a massive return on investment from the EC too as if you implement what they teach it works. The community is incredible and their team are so knowledgeable and GENUINELY care about your business. The quality of content is outstanding and they're always there when you need them. I can't wait for the next event and for the next episode of Business Growth Central!! Thanks EC

This year alone, two things I've done will treble the profitability of the business

Alec Sharples, Fineline Printing & Stationary

Wow, massive. Almost complete change this year. People have gone; people have come in. And we've probably had seriously the most profound change in the business in the whole of the 26 years that we've been going. Always looking for better ways of doing things,...

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Profits up 440% year on year...

Jon Newlyn, The Tickling Trout

  The Tickling Trout is the combined work of Jon Newlyn, his wife Sandy and business partner David Hopkins. Although they were sceptical when they joined the EC, they soon changed their minds after attending the infamous EC ’24 Hours of Marketing Madness’ event in Bolton. The...

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The EC came at just the right time

Alex Young, Stanley Villa Farms

Alex Young set up Stanley Villa Farm Villa Fishing and Camping back in 2012. It was originally just a fishing lake, but Alex with his Entrepreneurial mind began to completely transform the whole experience. When he first started his business he felt a massive sense of overwhelm...

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Completely and utterly life changing.

David Browne & Judith Dambrosio, Scottish Shutter Company

"Amazing how time flies – it was five years ago, that I eventually decided to click the opt-in button on an Entrepreneurs’ Circle ad and pay the princely sum of £4.95 to “cover postage and packing” for a one-month trial of the EC" says David...

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Kim Marlor

EC great organisation who have always been there supporting and providing great advice on how to get stuff done, the latest marketing info on how to move my business and make it more profitable by getting new customers! Nige and the team are really helpful, knowlegable. So if you're thinking about giving it a whirl go for it....

I've tripled the size of my business!

Jacinta Scannel, The Conference Collective

I've probably doubled or tripled the size of the business. I've certainly increased the number of customers by 200%, 300%. I've also had a lot more confidence about my decisions about my business and what I'm doing. And I feel that I'm kind of...

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The quality of material ways way above other similar programmes

Ashley Marshall, Jumpworks

Since leaving the corporate world behind, Ashley Marshall has been running Jumpworks for the last 7 years. He specialises in helping people with their CRM systems and focusses on setting up Infusionsoft in peoples businesses to help automate important tasks and campaigns. He's been a member of...

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We now have the structure to grow the business...

Simon Unger, The Procurement Co.

I've got more focus and I am more committed to getting processes and building a support structure around me to grow the business. Strange, but I joined because I want to learn and I want to benefit from other people's experiences. I do believe that...

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Every time I come to a meeting there is a new nugget to take away and implement

Jaz Boparai 2, Chilli Restaurant

Well, I think I've just got more focused and the EC keeps me on my toes. I get some great ideas every month. Every time I come to a meeting, there's always a nugget that I can take away and implement, so it's all...

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Tom Walsh

I would highly recommend the EC as it has never let me down when I have sought professional and expert advice on all matters "Business". All points of contact within the Organisation are polite , helpful and if they cannot help with a particular query then a colleague will pick this up and address. All content is relevant , up to date and cutting edge. It is presented in a way that can be easily understood and implemented into your Business. The EC is truly a 5 Star Business Organisation.

We're a lot more organised now, we have a strategic plan in place

Nick Fenmor Collins, Website Success

I'd say we're a lot more organised. We know which direction where we're heading in now, and we know what we're going to. There's a strategic plan in place and we're following it. And obviously, we're a digital marketing agency, but pulling all of...

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The importance of working on your business

Rob Star, Star of Bethnal Green

Things had been going well for Rob Star. He had just bought his third pub, with the other two enjoying great success, and had put on a sellout music festival. Encouraged, Rob began planning a larger event at iconic music venue Knebworth Park. “I was...

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Our turnover is 3.5x what is was when we first joined

Jonathan Davies, MJF Accounting

I think the big change for the better has been the amount of, or the flow of, customers coming to the business. I think that there have been a number of things I've taken from the Entrepreneurs Circle, but a couple of the fundamentals...

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I've seen massive growth...

Robin Adams, Perfect Blend

I joined the EC and being a marketer myself, I came in thinking 'hey, I knew it all' and all the bits and pieces, like quite a lot of marketers do. And what I realised is that trying to keep up with what's relevant...

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Sheila Granger

Entrepreneurs Circle has helped me immeasurably with my business. Without doubt I would not have grown a six figure business without the advice and real world marketing knowledge that the EC provides. From the events, through to the monthly magazine and face book group, all of these things are a constant source of golden nuggets and inspiration! Thank you EC!

More than doubled our recurring revenue...

Jean And Andrew Eardley, Prompt PC

We fundamentally changed the way we run the business, gone from very nice secure system whereby we charge by the hour to an unlimited amount of support package and that was frightening. We've totally taken our business from having kind of £5,000 recurring revenue monthly,...

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A real wake-up call!

Linda Rumbold, Poorly PC

On a Sunday in February I signed up for a trial membership of the Entrepreneurs Circle because I wanted to attend the Facebook Marketing course I’d seen advertised. The very next day I attended my first EC meeting and I haven’t looked back since! My real...

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Superfast progress, all thanks to EC...

Laurence Thomas, Thomas Cleaning

  From humble beginnings, Thomas Cleaning Franchise is going from strength to strength, and the future is looking even better. Laurence Thomas, CEO, says, “Our franchise business ran along quietly beside our core cleaning business with just four franchisees who were staff members from our core...

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Absolutely everything has changed for the better in my business

Deborah Fielding, Mirus Media

What's changed for the better in my businesses? Absolutely everything, but most importantly, my mindset. I've always been very optimistic and a very enthusiastic energised person. But to have the support network around you, enables your mindset to think you can do what you...

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Colin King

A fabulous organization that cannot fail to be of use to every small business. Quite apart from that, Nigel Botterill is the most inspirational and entertaining speaker that I have ever heard.

My business has grown by over 200%

Jill Bennett, CJS Recruitment Lrd

  "Since joining the EC I have found that I can better understand how to make my business opportunity and products appeal to people – I know how to structure things to make them realise what’s in it for them! I’m building a global consumer network of...

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I now understand my numbers so I can progress my business

Lee Chappell, Clearsky IT

I have understood the numbers, which has taught me how to progress my business and what I should spend money on and not waste on. It's helped me in discovering staff members I can take on, the appropriate way to advertise for them, and...

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Massively influenced our business journey!

Alan Marriott, The Results People

2015 has been a pretty incredible year for Alan Marriott from The Property Press. With an incredible business model, knowledge of his numbers, and bucket-lo ads of drive and passion, it's little wonder that Alan has ended the year being named winner in the Best...

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If you feel like you are on a hamster wheel of business, then you need to speak to someone at the ec

Melanie Poynter, Bluebell Physiotherapy

Oh, my goodness me. I think that the business has gone up, down, up, down, as businesses do. But it's me that's changed, and therefore, I'm able to handle, predict, improve, and deal with, I think better, yeah. Yeah, if you feel like you're on...

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Paula Mickley

I'm a long term member of the Entrepreneurs Circle and have always benefitted a great deal from all of my experiences with the group and all the team at HQ. There are great services available to all businesses as well as high levels of support, training, networking and much much more. Something to suit the needs of every business.

In four weeks I landed £20k in revenue

Chris Williams, B60

I Launched B60 from kitchen table on May 30th 2012. Today we are profitable and growing and working with some of the biggest brands in the world. All of this has been achieved 100% organically with not an outside investor or a penny of venture capital...

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Finally, I enjoy what I do again!

Martin Horton, Rivington Accounts

"Since joining the Entrepreneur’s Circle in August 2010, my core accountancy practice has grown by over 64% but, in addition, I enjoy what I do far more now. The change isn’t just down to one thing; there've been lots of small changes that I have made...

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A huge impact on my business...

Peter Read, Read Insurance

I was one of the 300 people who listened to Nige’s now famous webinar in early 2010 when he launched EC. It was like no other seminar I had ever listened to before. It was punchy, stripped of waffle and rammed with loads of practical and...

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We're on a roll thanks to EC...

Jaz Boparai, Chilli

Jaz’s story begins back in Glasgow in 1970. Having moved from India in 1968, his father opened his first Indian restaurant in the Scottish city. At eight-years-old, Jaz started working in the business washing pots – his first taste of life as a restaurateur. "Aged 21 and...

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Steve Perry

"The EC is fantastic! If you're serious about growing a great business then this is the place to be. Hand on heart, I wouldn't have the successful business I have today without Nigel and his team!"

EC gave us the skills and know-how to take our business to the next level...

Jana Meyer, Tuition Brentwood

Schalk & Jana Meyer are the proud owners of the Kip McGrath Tuition Franchise in Brentwood, Essex. Bigger than 80% of its local primary schools, it proudly holds the title as the biggest Kip franchise in the world. Schalk and Jana passionately embraced teaching and as...

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I've implemented tonnes, all for the good.

Tracy Farrow, Cashmere & Cotton

Well, I've taken lots of different directions. I've done new turns. I've gone in another direction. I've implemented tonnes. I've rewritten the script really. But all for the good. I think the biggest thing I get from it is meeting with other business owners...

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My growth since joining EC is just staggering!

Cerys Bevan, Tuition Neath

“When I started my business, I had no idea how to actually run a business. Before joining the EC, I thought that a lot of my success was due to luck. When I first bought a franchise of Kip McGrath centres I didn’t have any...

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I was working IN my business, not ON it

Lindsay Brown, The Loft Lad Ltd

"I joined the EC on a free trial. I'd put a note in my diary to cancel the membership when the trial ended so that I wouldn't get charged because I didn't think I could afford the membership fee. However, two weeks in I already knew...

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Carie Lyndene

"You can’t get better value than an EC event. I teach this stuff and I still need to immerse myself on a regular basis to inspire me, remind me and kick me up the backside just like every other business owner. Thanks to Nigel and the whole team!"

We have tripled in turnover in the last 3 years

Samantha Hay, JP Hay Sales & Lettings

I've really learned how to market my business and how to be a marketer as opposed to a do-er, which has really given us some substantial growth. I didn't really know what to expect when I first joined. When I went to my first meeting,...

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We've grown exponentially!

David Garcia-Gonzalez, Go Localise

Business is all about relationships – something that David Garcia-Gonzalez knows only too well, as he has been able to significantly grow his business because of the relationships and connections that he has forged over his years in the media industry. David set up his...

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EC's youngest member - at 11 years old!

Henry Patterson, Not Before Tea

“Our story started when I set up my sweet shop, Sherbet Pip, which sells nostalgic sweets." explains Henry's mum. "I recognised that every time adults talked about sweets, they thought back to when they were children. Plus, I always had a secret desire to go...

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I've already made 160% of my income in the first four months

Anna Hart, Anna Hart Property Consultancy

"I joined the EC on a 2-month trial membership and never for a second did I think that I'd continue the membership at full price after the trial period was up. I was really new in business and £80 cost per month was way out of...

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Jon Ramm

I have been a member of EC for a number of years and always found the quality of the information to be first rate BUT the most impressive thing has been the way they have been totally present over the last 4 months during lockdown with help , advice and encouragement. Without them my attitude would have been totally different and not for the better !!! Well done and thank goodness for EC !!

I now have a plan to exit the business in five years...

Tony Shally, Espace Europe

I've got a plan to exit the business in five years time. And I've got a plan that I want the four main managers. What do I need to do to train them to get there? And the Entrepreneur Circle has given me the...

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Extensive success in my local area...

Rob Taylor, Plan Grow Do

“When I joined the EC I became aware that I needed to raise both my personal and my business profile in my local town, Market Harborough. Whilst I grew up in South Leicestershire, I moved away in the mid 1990s and only returned when I...

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We're more efficient and more profitable

Mark Swinford, Mark Swinford Photography

I think it's mixing ideas, and we've managed to grow the business quite extensively. And we've put a lot of new ideas in and used a lot of the more modern technologies and the digital marketing side, which we never had any experience of...

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The EC helped me instigate ore change in four months than most businesses in a lifetime

Kate Lester, Diamond Logistics

The formidable Kate Lester of Diamond Logistics, a same-day courier business, has ruthlessly re-focussed her business resulting in massive growth and increased profits. "I’ve been in business 20 years and was stuck between selling and wondering whether I could rejuvenate my enthusiasm for my business. The...

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Christine Nicholson

EC brings together a magic mix of insight, awareness, training and, most importantly - COMMUNITY. I've met the greatest of friends here. I've learned the most about marketing here and I've had the best support here.

EVERYTHING has changed thanks to EC

Colin Brown, Need Financial Planning

I would say practically everything, really. I think a lot of that is based around actually the interaction with all the Inner Circle members or the other EC members, the staff, Nigel, obviously, himself. But it's just that input which makes the difference, because...

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We're a lot more focused now thanks to EC

Shakeel Sadiq, Exantia

We're a lot more focused. We're a lot more focused on our numbers. We're a lot more focused on the culture within the company and the business and the people. I was looking for some kind of guidance support, not quite coaching, but some kind...

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Entrepreneurs Circle is like an all you can eat buffet and I'm getting heavier

Andrew Phillips, Invive Business Strategists

Entrepreneur’s Circle is like an “All You Can Eat Buffet” and I’m getting heavier all the time!! There are so many benefits to EC membership and so many ways that my business has grown as a result of implementing Nigel’s ideas and suggestions. Like any buffet, there...

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What would the best in the world do?

James Sandwell, Sunshine Events

The business started when we borrowed two giant games for a friend’s wedding, and watched peoples’ reactions. They loved it, and we soon realised we’d stumbled across a potential business opportunity. We’ve come a long way in the last 12 years. From a small business in...

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Kerstin Blackburn

I am a recent member of Entrepreneurs Circle. I have run a small business for over 30 years, I have learnt so much since joining EC. Much of it I knew but I have been in the weeds for decades. Nigel is an inspiration and with his help I am getting out of the weeds and focusing ON my business. There are so many brilliant resources, including workshops like Ad Astra which I have just enjoyed. I am not easily impressed and sometimes accused of cynicism but I cannot recommend EC enough. Join! You won't look back.

We've grown by 352% in 18 months

Wendy Norman, LiveLink

In November 2013, LiveLink was dying, almost terminal. It was partly due to the behaviour of the bank, partly due to me and the impact the death of my Mum had had on me. Since 2013, how we have grown by 352% in 18 months, what...

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I thought I knew how to do marketing, but I didn't really

Aarif Merali, D2RCrossMedia

Yeah. The best thing that is coming out of the EC for me is the growing awareness of marketing, because about four years ago, before I joined, I thought I knew how to do marketing, but I didn't really. And I think every year...

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We're up by about 20% on the previous year

Rebecca Dowdeswell, NKD Waxing

I'd say it's an aggregate of lots of little things rather than one single big thing. So for example, you weren't tracking before how many phone calls we were missing or that we were missing them at all. So I've now got, if somebody...

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Since joining EC we've made more money...

Pete & Chloe Cann, Canned Laughter

We’d never really done any proper marketing before - we’d done cold calls but that was all. Since joining EC though we’ve made more money and been a lot more focussed on the business and getting one thing at a time done. The business has benefitted...

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Dai Rose

The EC team have helped me with my business enormously over the past 3 years and being a part of it has genuinely changed my life! I joined as an "entry level" member and quickly realised that the content was so good that I had to spend more time with Nige and his team. I've attended many events over the years and am now a Mastermind member. The value of my business has DOUBLED since joining and anyone who is serious about their business should consider joining. I've recommended EC to many other business owners and have no hesitation when recommending them as they truly provide a great service. You do have to get off your ar$e though; but if you have the motivation and drive to implement what they teach I am sure you will do well. Thanks, Nige and all the team at EC!!!

£1,300 a week more income

Leigh Kinch, Pear Tree Photography

Leigh Kinch from Pear Tree Photography had been working full time as a police officer. His fledgling business was, in his own words, ‘ticking along’. Then he joined the EC and things went from strength to strength. Leigh says, ““When I joined the EC, I was...

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There is no doubt in my mind that EC has made a world of difference to my business

Andrew Gosling, Canal Wholesale

"I set up my business in December 2003 in web design/development etc. Although it was moderately successful, by December 2011 I was in a bad place after 2 years of health and family issues. I was going to have to close the business and go...

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New ideas thanks to EC...

Inge Dowden, Inge Dowden Coaching

Well, I've written a book, which certainly came about thanks to the EC. I'm working on my online programme. I feel I have support. I have got a place to go for training. I started new products that I didn't have before. Yeah, lots...

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The ideas that EC meetings generate have had a massive impact on business

Matt Eldridge, Melt Design

Well, I'd say the biggest thing I've found is just the ideas that it generates. So I know what I should be doing and obviously could have schooled, but when I come to the meetings and I hear the teachings and stuff, it just...

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Alex Murray

The only people to stand up and help me this lockdown were the Entrepreneurs Circle and they have given that help in spades. Thanks to them I got the support I needed to stay afloat and thrive in my business and I have come out of lockdown in a much stronger position than I went into it purely due to their help, guidance and advice.

18,120% ROI

Derek Mason, Super Structure Associates

What does taking a business “to the next level” actually mean? Derek had big plans for his business, but knew that in order to achieve them he would need help. The process of educating himself as a business owner had always been important to Derek, a...

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Sales have grown a whopping 3,000% since joining EC

Ali Carter, Pub Mentor

“Everything in the EC world has been new to me. But I buckled in and got on with it. “My ‘Pub Mentor’ business has grown in sales by a whopping 3000% since joining the EC and we have completely rebranded that side of my business. It’s also...

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Exactly what I needed...

Mitch Lloyd, Petra Jewellery

Mitch Lloyd was a Chartered Mechanical Surveyor but left the rat race to join her mum, Petra, and help run the family business, Petra Jewellery. Things went well for a while but then Mitch began to feel like she could no longer cope with running the...

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The EC helps me to learn continuously...

Raj Deokar, Anita's Beauty Centre

I mean, it helps me to learn continuously and apply the things on my business. When I joined first, we had one beauty salon. We now have two and we're looking to open a third one too. Favourite things. I mean, there may be few. I...

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Karen Burge

I always feel that everyone at the EC is on my team. They'll help you wherever possible. There's knowledge, experience and expertise to draw upon and always bags of encouragement!

Our business has trebled in size

Prue Deane, Accountanct Learning

We joined several years ago, and we really didn't know much about marketing. From the very first meeting I was just so amazed at the content and how much we basically didn't know. Right from that first session, we started implementing things into the...

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We've gone from two of us in a back bedroom to having two offices of staff...

John Arko, FinderMonkey

We joined in 2010. So been on quite a while. When we started in EC, myself and Ryan worked out of his back bedroom. We now have 10 employees, two offices, we've been on the BBC twice, we've featured in lots of the national...

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Turnovers gone up, profitability has gone up...

Jacqui Hale, Elite Tents

Everything really. I didn't used to know how to market, and now I do. The turnover has gone up, and the profitability has gone up. Yes, but it was a new business anyway, so it was a new venture. So it's gone up, but...

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I've got the confidence to try new things - not the easiest for an accountant

Neil Obrien, Accentis

A lot of thing's actually. A lot of what I've learned, it's as much about self-development as it's teaching about business expertise and marketing. It certainly gives me the confidence to try new things and to encourage the rest of the team around me,...

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Rob Salmon

If you need help to grow your business with marketing the EC is a brilliant place to be. Before I started with the EC I didn't know what I needed to do or how to grow a business. I've learned so much and the energy on the in person events is amazing! Always a great experience and I come away feeling fab! Thank you for everything guys!

My mindset, the way I think, the way I act - all have changed for the better

Kev Goldthorpe, Elite Driving School

My mindset, my direction, absolutely everything. The way I think, the way I commute, the way I act, and the things I do everyday. Direction. I think you get in business sometimes for the wrong reasons, so you don't intentionally end up doing what you...

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We're far more ahead than we would have been without EC...

Adam Cliff, Business Video Experts

It definitely helped us get... We're not there yet to where we want to be, but we're setting new goals all the time. So, we're far more ahead than we probably would have been without. When we first started in the first couple of...

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We've increased business by 250% since joining

Darren Joiner, Dazbus

We've increased business by over 250% since joining the EC, so I'm more than happy with that. Yeah. Very happy. The people, you guys that run the EC, you're always really friendly, really, really helpful, give fantastic advice both over the phone and in person....

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30% increase in profits...

Sarah King, Kings Ltd

"My sister joined the EC and for a few months I had to listen to her ranting on about how good it was, what a great bloke Nigel is, not to mention her 30% increase in profits. But I was deeply sceptical. After much persuasion I...

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Wendy Norman

Having been a member for almost 7 years probably gives an indication of how I feel about EC. They have transformed my business over this period. Given me the tools and confidence to grow. I've made some great and long lasting friends that I can lean on for support when things get tricky. And share cocktails with at EC events.

From £17.5k a month to £44.5k a month

Ollie Rastall, Ollie Rastall Ltd

"I came into the business last year after a leap of faith from a nicely paid corporate job. I’d tried and failed with previous start-up businesses (personal training and a car valet idea) but in hindsight I didn’t have the EC to call upon and...

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I finally know what I need to do...

Amanda Rees, Bumpalicious Maternity

Well, I have more direction in my business. I know what I need to do and how to do it. I know where to come to for help. I know that there's people here I can pick up the phone to and ask the...

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We have clarity of where we're going and how to get there

Paul Gadsby, Independence Insurance Bureau

Change for the better for our business is the fact that I've actually been able to speak to people about running a business, which is something I hadn't done for 25 years. I've been running the business on my own. I didn't know at the...

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So proud of what we've achieved so far...

Ryan Shaw, FinderMonkey

It all started at the end of 2013. I’d regretted not joining EC Mastermind before so I applied immediately when it was announced. By January and the first Mastermind meeting I realised that if I wanted to achieve my goals for 2015 I had to step...

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Matthew Rolph

Excellent group to be part of, with so many benefits. I can highly recommend the EC to anyone who owns or runs a business.

I joined the EC to get the kick up the arse that I needed!

James Neale, James Neale Photography

I joined EC because I was taking my eye off the ball in my business and I was struggling. And so I joined EC basically to give me the kick up the ass that I needed. Joined the BIA membership and just really helped...

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We've grown the business year on year

Eddie Ray, Progressive Sports

The growth of the business. We've definitely grown the business year on year. I think that being able to network with like-minded people, support from EC team members, and just generally being around the right environment and the right kind of people just really...

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The EC gave me the kick up the arse I needed - it was a real shock!

Mandy Stephens, PhoneCoach Limited

Late one night when I came to the Entrepreneur Circle, I thought I was doing okay with marketing actually, but I was a one-man band really here. And the then regional manager can be a bit of a kick up the ass and said,...

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10X the response to our marketing!

John Thompson, Your Next Mortgage

John Thompson, who runs mortgage business Your Next Mortgage, had tried to generate leads by running events but he was massively disappointed with the results. But not one to be knocked down, John and his team set to work on how they could improve things...

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Mark Fauvel

Entrepreneurs Circle is the most amazing support and learning organisation that I have ever come across for small to medium business. In fact many large business would benefit from the ethos of Entrepreneurs Circle. Nigel Botterill and his fantastic team really go the extra mile to help people with their business problems in oh so many different ways. They are simply world class leaders.

400% increase in net-profit

Trevor Nicholls, CAB International

Trevor joined the EC way back, but admits he thought he’d heard it all before. So, he didn’t go to any of the meetings or get involved. This lead to Trevor cancelling his membership prior to the expiry of the free trial and going it...

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EC has grown my business beyond any recognition!

Laura Moxham, Your Business Angels

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Laura Moxham of, it’s being complacent. Laura’s IT support business was flying, but that wasn’t enough for Laura: after looking at how she had built such a successful business she decided to start another! “I was adding thousands to...

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We've opened another site and employ over 100 people thanks to EC!

Tim Sinclair, Ambiente Tapas

I think it's given me the opportunity to focus a little bit more on some of the things that I ought to be doing as a business owner. Quite a lot of things. Yeah. Marketing, planning, they're probably the two main ones. We've opened another site...

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The EC has given me structure to work around...

Christian Goldbrough, Luxury House Share

I think structure has changed more. I think it's certainly given a framework for me to work around and also a level of responsibility as well. When you work on your own, essentially you are your own boss, which is the best thing and...

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Lorraine Ashover

I have been a member of the Entrepreneur's Circle for almost a decade! Can't get a much better recommendation than that! The business moves with the times and during the COVID-19 pandemic really stepped up in terms of the support, training and material available for members. My business has benefited hugely from the many ideas, training, Circular, conferences, webinars and the Facebook group.

We've finally got plans in place and a clear goal

Adam Croft, My Place Housing

So I think you can take your eye off the ball a little bit. What has change? There's always clarity there, and there's so many checkpoints and checklists and things to work off. I don't think there's any excuse for not knowing your customer...

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From scraping by to a six-figure salary

Dan Harrison, SqueezePageToolkit

WordPress wizard Dan Harrison has been firing on all cylinders with a little help from the EC and local BGA Tim Savage. Dan’s business ‘WordPress Doctors’ is doubling Dan’s profits and his base hourly rate is rocketing by a massive 85% . He’s expanding rapidly...

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I've learned so many new skills

Costos Kkolos, Avenue Cafe

It all started with me attending an EC event in January 2014. At the time we had just re-established our café business, Avenue Café, at a suburban Bristol location having started out in the center of town back in 2000. The business had been built up...

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Worth every penny!

Chadd Blunt, Millenium Cargo Services

Organisation, implementation and getting on and doing it. I believe in fate, and for some crazy Yorkshire man with ridiculous hand gestures and a little bit of a Brummie accent, on my doorstep 20 minutes ago, I thought that was fate. How that landed in...

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Geoff Cross

I have been a member of EC since 2013 and it has been an invaluable resource. My business has grown significantly as a result of implementing the marketing advice and guidance that Nigel and his team have provided. Loads of value and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending

Turnover has more than doubled

Robbie Richardson, Richardson & Paige

Well, I've got a business for a start. I'm just the processes of doing 90 minutes and I'm working on my business and understanding the business in a way that I'd never had done before. It's been brilliant. Well, I always knew I was shitty...

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I'd reached a plateau where I was comfortable - the EC has moved me up to the next level

Stuart Williams, Ace Car Care

Everything has changed for the better, to be quite honest. In business, I'd kind of reached a plateau where I felt relatively comfortable. Things were going okay. We weren't doing spectacular, but I got to this plateau and really needed a little bit of...

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My business has totally changed

Lucy Matthews, Marvellous PR

“I had been a 'rabbit caught in the headlights' but now my business has totally changed. I have a clear vision of the future and the path that I need to take to reach that future. Trust me, this is a great place to be and...

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I only wish I'd known about it sooner!

Grant Erskine, Grant Erskine Architects

"I can only describe joining Entrepreneurs Circle as being one of the single best decision I have ever made for my company. T he way I think of it is that it is a course, a learning experience, an education. I am a very good Architect, but...

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Phil Coleman

Being a member of the Entrepreneur's Circle has been life changing for both me and my business.I have been a member for a number of years the help and advice has been fantastic and has truly changed my work / life balance and made by business financially secure whilst giving me a very nice return whilst working less hours.The community they have created for other like minded business owners is a great place to be for advice and inspiration.

EC has been worth at least £10,000 a month in new sales!

Sam Hay, JP Hay Lettings

When I first started JP Hay Lettings in July 2011 I had no clear idea in regards to how I was going to market, grow and get new customers without spending a whole lot of money. Whilst at a networking event I was talking to a...

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Our turnover is 63% up from when we first joined the EC

Mark Greig, Comrie Automatics

Mark Greig found himself in a worrying position. His family business of fifty years, Comrie Automatics, was in decline and Mark was looking for someone to blame. “At the time I was blaming the economic situation and the rate at which pubs and clubs were...

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I've learned to become a marketer not a doer in my business - work smarter not harder

Darryl Bertie, Bert Electrics

Darryl’s been on a steep learning curve but has loved every minute. He says, “I have learnt to become a marketer and not a doer in my business – working smarter not harder. I started the journey by implementing as many effective marketing pillars as...

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We secured our largest client to date thanks to EC

Scott Weir, Pillow Partners

“I joined the EC after signing up for a trial. Although I had a successful property company, I felt I had hit a mental ceiling. I felt that having a super-successful business was for other people, not for the likes of me. All through school...

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Andrew Wilson

Many years of excellent marketing training, support and business advice has been given by Nigel and his smart and friendly team. The best resource out there for startups and small businesses looking to learn and grow. Joining the EC will be the smartest subscription you will ever make.

Entreprenuers Circle is quite simply the best

Stephen Smith, Stephen Smith Ltd

"The Entrepreneur's Circle is quite simply the best, most up to the minute, stimulating business mentoring partnership in the UK. I say partnership because it needs you to apply all the information that is supplied into your business. You do have to think how you can...

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I've been a member since EC began!

Carole Aldred, Red Rose Directories

“I launched my ‘My Mag’ magazine business, Red Rose Directories, many years ago. Initially, I intended to run just one magazine in my village, Bromley Cross in Bolton, as I already had an established retail business in the area. But, within the first couple of...

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I'm on course for 163% of my target

Adam Butler, Easy Online Recruitment

"I’d been in business for a while and if I’m being honest I was just making it up as I went along, but when I started the world looked very different, especially when most of your target customers were large financial services organisations. I got...

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We've learnt how to market our business...

Paul Freeman, World's Energy

Just the information really, it's been very informative. Primarily getting us focused into the right areas. Marketing. Just getting all the key point and creating lead magnets for the website. We're a pretty new startup, so it's just about pouring that into action really. Well, you...

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Aarif Merali

The amazing team at the EC really know their stuff - there isn't any aspect of marketing or growing a business they don't know about! If you want to build a system where you can have a rythmical acquisition of customers then you need to speak to the folks at the EC.

My entire life has been transformed

Veronica Pullen, Apples to Oranges

“A year ago I had been in business as a copywriter for a couple of months and had just bought MySMB. I’d been using social media for years but it was Nigel's MySMB training that brought the first of many of my light bulb moments...

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Business has doubled and the majority of that is down to the EC

Nick Hayward, Beautology

Business has doubled. There's no doubt about it, and I would say the majority of that is down to what I've learned from EC. I think the coming, the speaking to like-minded people, and the constant new things going on. When you're on your own,...

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We've grown our entire franchsie business thanks to EC

Colin & Jenni Bradford, Magical Maths

The secret to the success of Colin and Jenni Bradford’s Magical Maths is lots of learning, followed by lots of implementing. Here’s their story... Fresh out of university when he joined the EC with his sister Jenni, Colin Bradford ran a modest tutoring business in Leicester,...

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There's no one better to learn from than Nigel and the EC Team

Gary Chambers, The Blinds and Shutter Company

“As a franchisor with a network of 65 franchised outlets I attended my first ever EC event as I wanted to find a way of keeping our franchisees ahead of the game and adopting the very latest smart thinking to give us an edge in...

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Mike Orme

I joined a few months ago during COVID and I've never looked back. It was like a fog had been lifted and I could see a clear path to my destination.

The EC is like having your own team working on your business...

Adrianne Carter, D-Coded Insights

I know want to do, but I'm not really clear on how to get there, and what Entrepreneurs Circle has done has given me a really clear direction on where to focus time and effort. I set myself a yearly, a target for this first...

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We're now an award-winning business!

Tracy Irwin, TI Payroll and Accounting

"When I joined the EC, my business, TI Payroll and Accounting, was at a crossroads. Although my mum was working part time for the business, it was mainly dependent on me. At this point, I recognised that I was always being torn between running my...

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£10 million in the bank...

Samantha Bell, Pixie Belle

"I'd been running my own business for 7 years, sold that and decided to do something different. I retrained to become a Personal Stylist in November 2011 and 'discovered' the EC in January 2012. All I can say is WOW and THANK GOODNESS because I can...

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Our goals all planned out...

Hilary Carden, Cardens Ltd

I think the main thing that has changed for the better is that I am a lot more focused now on the important things that I need to do, what will actually make a difference to the business going forward. I just think we've got...

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David Lovatt

Top quality people, they really know their stuff and they really care about helping their members succeed.

I would not be in this mindset of success without the EC

Helen Sanders, Wingrove Tailor

Since I joined the EC, my business has completely changed. In fact, I sold one business because of what I've learned at the EC. And now, I've started a new business and two and a half years in, I can safely say I would...

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I got my first sales after joining EC in 2012!

Snezana Knowles, Granny's Secrets

"My first two sales were achieved shortly after I joined EC in October 2012. I remember having a 1:1 with Nigel, when he asked me : 'Why are you not selling yet?' I replied "I thought that was hard work as this would mean delivering goods'. My first...

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We're looking to make a seven figure income in the next 12 months

Richard Curtis, The Root of It

Well, when I joined the Entrepreneurs Circle, at that stage I had no idea of the importance of marketing, the importance of knowing my numbers. So many basic things that I've learned through the Entrepreneurs Circle. I'm now at a stage where actually, we've...

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Trebled the size of our business to over £1m

Allan Plant, Mobex

"Before I bought Mobex I had spent most of my working life turning around under-performing businesses so when I took the plunge and bought my own business in 2007, I thought I pretty much knew all that was needed. How wrong I was! I made most of...

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Jeremy Tilson

Awesome company to work with. Every member of their team is aligned with their purpose - to help small business across the UK be the best they can be. They've been of particular support to me and my business throughout the pandemic, and the virtual conference they've just held is the best I've ever attended - physically or virtually - in my last 20 years of running a business. Highly, highly recommended.

50% increase in turnover year on year

Dawn Fry, The Melting Mot

Dawn’s business, The Melting Pot, offers chocolate workshops for adults, children and teams in Hertfordshire. Since joining the EC, her average party numbers have gone up by more than 30%, she has moved 10% of her customers to a higher price tier and has been...

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Before the EC my thinking was completely wrong...

Blossom Blackwell, Southwood Golf Course

My thinking, because my thinking was completely and utterly wrong. My pricing structure was completely and utterly wrong. I daren't put my prices up, but that's the first thing they told me to do. And I did, and you know what? It didn't make...

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I'm finally getting stuff done!

Sara Jones, One Eyed Cat Online Marketing

I'm actually starting to get stuff done and things that I've been thinking I need to do for a long time, like setting up a more proper marketing funnel, I'm actually doing it. So yeah. With the marketing and with getting unstuck actually, because I...

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Without EC Mastermind I wouldn't have my new business

Steven Bruce, Academy of Physical Medicine

Well, I've been a member of Mastermind for, I think it's five years now. It's four or five years. Without mastermind, I wouldn't have my new business, which is again, completely off the wall while we were discussing my original business and I suddenly...

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Lesley Howes

I found EC at the beginning of the Covid19 Lockdown and it has been so helpful to me. I have really spent my time wisely getting lots of marketing systems in place and following Nigel's advise. The result is that as we came out of lockdown and everything opened again I was able to start straight away as I had a list of customers waiting for me.

EC gives us that edge...

Suzanna Edgley, TheBestOf Ulverston

Suzanne Edgley runs Thebestof Barrow & Furness and helps mall businesses to grow via marketing and mentoring within the local area. Originally a Bestof member, before a spur of the moment decision to purchase a franchise in Barrow & Furness. Suzanne has had tremendous success with the...

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We can now scale quicker than ever!

Paul Thompson, All in One Business Services

I've just been more organised, more focused on what I'm doing and planning for the future. It's been about them getting the processes and systems in place to enable us to scale the business a bit more, a bit quicker. Marketing, definitely marketing. And it's something...

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It's a MUST for anyone who wants to grow their business...

Adrian Dadds, Mulgrave Finance

"My EC membership has been brilliant so far and has led to me making some big changes. Most importantly I look at my business in a much more strategic way now. So far my big wins (in no particular order) have been: Added testimonials to my web...

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I didn't realise there could be so many marketing pillars!

Adele Sweet, Madame Wax

Lots, like loads. How I deal with staff, marketing pillars. I didn't realise there could be so many. When I joined, I thought it was a cult, right? When I joined, I did. And as I got to know how it works, and how friendly...

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Jane Duncan Rogers

I'm so glad I found Entrepreneurs Circle - it is incredibly good value for money, with a supportive bunch of others to learn from, not to mention the sheer wisdom, wit and blunt inspiration from Nigel Botterill himself. Since I joined, we have taken on two more p/t staff, increased our profit, and are on the way to double our sales in the next year.

31,241% ROI so far...

Terry Gormley, The Fidelis Group

Former fireman Terry Gormley, is a role model for anyone who wants to implement and make changes in their business. Here’s some of the things he's implemented in his first few months since joining EC. Uses a voice recorder to enable him to outsource his admin...

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We're getting traction!

Alex Mercer, OBCODI

I think insight is the key one. Lots of insight, lots of information. And now, more at the stage of putting that into action. So it's still early days, because I've only been an EC member for about one month. So I'm beginning to...

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EC made me realise I wasn't where I wanted to be and helped me change direction

Dave James, Dave James Coaching

Dave James is a podiatrist, coach, mentor and public speaker. Before joining the EC, Dave was going through the motions and was doing what he thought, was correct for his business. But soon after joining, he realised that he was wrong in his ways and adapted the...

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From six figure turnover to seven...

Darren Taylor, UK Safety Store

Darren Taylor has achieved a lot in a short time. His business manufactures signs and safety equipment for the construction and fire industries. From six figure turnover to seven... Darren’s business was sizable even before he joined the EC; based in Wolverhampton with 23 staff and a...

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Steve Wilson

Nige and the team are simply the best at what they do. Give the EC a try and see how it can make you more successful.

We couldn't have done it without EC...

Glenn Ackroyd & David Laycock, EweMove

Glenn tells the story of EweMove, a business with a clear mission to rid the UK of disreputable estate agents by providing a genuinely honest and transparent alternative. “Our journey so far has been incredible; we are truly shaking up the boring world of estate agency!...

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We owe so much to Nigel and the EC team...

Philip Lomax, Green Farm Hotel

In 1982 I bought a closed down 24 cover Restaurant in Norfolk for £80,000 called Green Farm Hotel, Which was bought with a 100% Overdraft for the Purchase and my £20,000 worth of capital painted and decorated the property and put food in the Kitchen...

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Turnover's up 131% and profits rocketing by 85%

John Triplis, Yianni Marketing

John’s success with EC has been spectacular: turnover leaping by 131% and profits rocketing by 85%. But this is not just a story of marketing implementation, as you’re about to discover how John went about changing the way he lives his life to ensure he...

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The EC has propelled my business forward...

Mo Jhurry, Caryll's Country House

I've been with the Entrepreneur Circle since 2012 and it's propelled my business forward tremendously. Everything, absolutely everything. I was absolutely terrible at marketing and whatever. And yes, now I use about 30 marketing pillars. And oh, obviously my business. My income is going absolutely...

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Prue Deane

I've been an EC member for many years now and they seriously know their stuff on 'all things marketing'. In addition to all the expert support from the EC team, they also have a wealth of brilliant online resources, live sessions etc (there's just too much to include here). Our business has benefited massively from being an EC member. Added to that, whoever you deal with at EC, they are all lovely 🙂

I've been able to make so much progress...

Damian Surr, Ginger Magic

"In the last couple of years, I have had grand plans of becoming an entrepreneur. I am not really interested in the ‘work hard every minute to get a nice car’ type of entrepreneur. For me it's all about quality of life. We only get...

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EC doesn't just teach... they do!

Graham Hill, Verbatim Call Centres

When I first discovered the Entrepreneurs Circle, I went to one of Nigel Botterill's open days, and I was so taken by his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and his dynamic energy. And he's one of the only people I've come across in the world of...

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I'm no longer alone!

Anna Hare, Pure Brides

I think I feel reassured that I'm not alone. I'm not the only person who is out there struggling and needing support from other people. And there's so much knowledge that you have access to. So many people with so much experience that you...

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Everyone wants everyone else to do well

Andrea Peck, Simply Garden Maintenance

Everything. I have a business, had hardly got business when I started, I did the master plan event in 2012, got a name, got a logo. I now have three members of staff, two vans. I have my own car separately. I'm making some...

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Neil Ridding

A fantastic team with a wealth of knowledge and resources. Absolutely invaluable to the small business owner that wants to grow their business.

We bagged our dream client!!

Victoria Williams, Terptree

Victoria Williams from Terptree, “The place for deaf services”, including sign language interpretation and communication support, has had an amazing few months since she started to use her TEAP to full effect. Her vision is to ‘change the world for deaf people’and since joining the...

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I've implemented lots of actions that have really made a difference

Anthony Dutton, Archers Marquees

“I first came across Nigel when I decided to go on the ‘How to ensure your business thrives (Screw Surviving) seminars. Since then my turnover has increased steadily. Since joining the EC I’ve implemented lots of actions that have really made the difference. For instance,...

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Entrepreneurs Circle just works!

Jenna Hynd, Aveling Adventure

My advice to anyone thinking about joining the EC is, it works. Even if your business doesn't fit in with any of the other ones, the marketing plan and the marketing pillars are almost the same for everybody. It works, it reaches people, and...

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If i've got a problem, I know I can get help!

Ian Mcdonald, MiSpa

Well, first of all, I like the social side. It's good to go to meetings where you sort of build up relationships and you can just discuss things when you need to. But the other big thing for me is that I can come...

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Brennan Jacomb

Entrepreneurs Circle, and all the wonderful people associated with it, have constantly helped me develop and push my business forward. I joined with a £250k turnover, and with the constant questioning, learning and being held accountable for delivering on my promises, we are now a £15m+ business and growing! I can't tell you how valuable they have been for our development.

On track for our first £1m year!

Noel Guilford, Guilford Accounting

Before I started in the Entrepreneur's Circle, I tried to do everything myself. So probably the biggest thing is that I now outsource all the things I'm not very good at. And because I'm not very good at much, that means most of the...

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I couldn't have done it without Entrepreneurs Circle...

Rachael Naylor, Voice Over Network

Over the last year I have done things I never would have dreamed of a few years ago! My journey has been incredible and I couldn’t have done it without the Entrepreneurs Circle, The Mastermind and the help and support of Nigel Botterill. I took an...

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I can go after dream clients without worrying about whether I am worthy of them

Steven Markham, VFloorplan

My confidence is up. I can go after major dreamless clients without being worried about whether I'm worthy of contacting them. And the kind of change for me is that instead of doing... going after a client for maybe a few thousand pounds, now...

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I increased my turnover by 200% in my first year with EC

Jez Rose, The Behaviour Expert

Jez Rose’s first year in the EC was a whirlwind of activity. Between the implementation of new marketing pillars, Adwords, setting up new systems, banner retargeting and learning to use social media more effectively, Jez barely noticed the remarkable results; he had gained 80 new...

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Dominique Emmans

"What a life saver EC has been, from the beginning of Covid-19 and all the way through. Going from 100 miles per hour to zero when my business stalled (Wedding Venue) I have found the resources in the EC vault invaluable and have devoured them during this down time. Add to this the events: “Operation Protect”, “Screw Surviving, Let’s Get Thriving” to the most recent “Getting & Keeping Customers Convention” the EC has kept me sane, motivated and helped me improve & sharpen my business skills to come out of this bigger, better and raring to go! Thanks Nige and the fantastic team, especially Matt D’Butler, who always puts a smile on everyone’s face, what a star!"

The perfect "Power of One" statement

Darren Armstrong, Chin! Chin!

Darren Armstrong, owner of Chin! Chin! Bar & Kitchen in Bristol has had a phenomenal year. He believes that thanks to the EC he’s begun to look at his marketing in a totally different way; sniffing out innovations where others would see limitations. Well, we’re so pleased...

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Our turnover has trebled!

Jaroslaw Wolak, Lopa Removals

Jaroslaw joined the EC as the head of a very small removal company employing just three people. Jaroslaw said, “I was looking for a niche. My dream – to grow into a huge company - was big but somehow our potential customers didn't know that; they...

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I used to come into work and sometimes things would happen...

Robert Dodd, Windsor & Rose Estate Agents

Quite a lot has changed, actually. I used to come into work without a plan, and things would sometimes happen and things sometimes wouldn't happen. But now I've joined the EC, I have a way of making things happen, without the guesswork. Everything I've done...

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A huge learning curve!

Andrew Thomson, Innova Engineering

I set up in business about four years ago, having worked all my life as an engineer, and knowing nothing whatsoever about marketing or about sales or about how to promote my business. And I think I've been in the EC for two years...

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Taryn Waite

I love it! Since enjoying EC my business grown hugely. You always receive the support promised. By implementing what is recommended in my business has gone from taking 23k per month to over 70k per month. I would say I have only implemented 50% of what is recommend I work everyday towards the 100%. I cannot wait to see where I am at when I have implemented all that's recommended. Thanks Nige & Team EC ??

It's no exaggeration to say the EC has to be worth £250kpa in increased turnover for us

Dominic Jones, Barton Technology

“Although I’ve been in business for a long time, since joining EC it's like we've turned a corner. It’s no exaggeration to say that EC has been worth at least £250,000pa in increased turnover to us - which has had a massive impact on our profit...

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I now know so much more about what is going on in my business

Carl Firmstone, Stator Electrical Solutions

There was a time when Carl Firmstone was arriving at his office early and leaving late – a familiar story for all business owners. However, Carl decided that something needed to change. His business, Stator Electrical Solutions, was doing okay – Carl had enough work...

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Because of EC we now have some serious fun in our business

Paul Bradley, Chilli Technology

Because of the EC we have some serious fun in our business now! The biggest problem I had was that I was paralysed by the fear of failure, I felt like I’d hit a brick wall and I needed something to change my thinking. When I...

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30% increase in turnover

Wil Currie, Nexus Globalnet

Well, since I joined, I think I've found the support I get from my BTSM very, very good. There's a lot of two-way communication and certainly the help with the marketing has been a real asset to growing our business. Well, I think in regards...

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Greg Simpson

I thought I knew a lot about marketing. I have all sorts of qualifications in it and years of experience, however, I have never seen or heard it explained and taught so well as I have by Nigel Botterill and his EC team. I learn something new every week and crucially, I am SHOWN how to apply it. A fanatstic team and a fantastic resource for any aspiring and ambitious business owner.

I now actually understand how to run a business!

Ann Boone, Powerful Healing

Since I joined the EC, I'm actually doing something. I'm actually understanding what it is to run a business. I'm actually understanding to set my own personal targets and keeping them. I'm also understanding that it's a dream that requires a lot of hard...

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In four years we're heading towards a seven figure turnover!

Mark Powell, MPD Creative

Mark Powell is the owner of mpd creative who design and build bespoke exhibition stands. Mark joined the EC to learn how to run and market the business, properly and not just be a freelancer. Here's how EC has changed Mark Powell's life......

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I have learnt so much!

Elaine Luck, Elaine Luck Ltd

"I was made redundant at the end of January 2012. It was something I just didn’t see coming so it completely knocked me for six for quite a while. Having licked my wounds for a bit, I decided to try and set up my own...

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Having someone to hold you accountable is priceless...

Damian Smyth, Rethinking Business

The accountability, and having someone there to hold your feet to the fire is really important for me because when you're working on your own as an entrepreneur, you don't have anyone else to bounce ideas off. It can be quite a lonely place...

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Pete Matheson

Been a member on and off for nearly a decade. Great organisation who offer some great tips to help grow your business.

Mixing with lots of interesting and driven business owners is incredible...

Andy Solomon, Yomdel

So I'm Andy Solomon and I'm the founder Yomdel and we've been a trusted supplier at the EC. And in the time I've been with EC, it's been hugely beneficial for us. Not only we learned a lot about how to grow our business,...

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It's helped make our dream a reality

Tim & Hazel Edwards, Container Team

We joined the Entrepreneurs Circle in 2011 because our business was in freefall. We’d been hit really hard by the recession. We heard Nigel speak and we really liked what he had to say. He made us understand that with some learning we could grow the...

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I was invited along to a meeting that was to change my business thinking - and my life!

Beverley Jones, Awaken Coaching

"In October 2010 I was invited along to a meeting that was to change my business thinking - and my life! It was at that meeting that I first met Nigel Botterill and that was the day I realised that if I wanted my business to...

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Doubled our turnover...

Matt Davis, Matt Davis Media

"I started my first business, Matt Davis Media, in November 2012. I was very unhappy in a previous job and through a very happy accident had got wind of Nigel's original MYSMB social media training. I decided to take the plunge and it's a decision that...

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Kaz Dalby

I absolutely love the team at EC. I feel more connected and in tune with my business than ever before! Thank you so much.

The biggest impact for me was in targetting my ideas in the right way

Sam Evans, Humphreys of Henley

The biggest impact for me and the one that I needed to focus on was really targeting my activities in the right way. I have so many ideas and so many things I could do, but I really needed a sniper rather than a...

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The EC encouraged me to be different, which was so refreshing

Mark Rose, Boosh365

When Mark Rose started his business, Boosh 365, he wanted to achieve exciting things – to Mark, the sky was the limit. And, thanks to steady implementation, innovative marketing campaigns and Mark’s dedication to creating the right culture within his business, he succeeded. Mark made the...

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Over the last 12 months our sales have increased by £300,000

Sian Millar, Dizzy Ducks Nursery

Over the last 12 months our sales have increased by over £300,000 - which is pretty amazing. Income in side-line businesses has dramatically risen. Our core business net profit tripled from last year. Nursery Business: We have implemented an incredible amount. Every time I attend an EC...

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I think much bigger - this has a direct effect on the growth of my business

Emma Mills, MiPA

I think the most important thing is that I think much bigger. Over the past year, I started the year with four members of staff and now there's 10 of us, so the EC has had a direct effect on the growth of my...

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Nick Fenmor-Collins

Simply the very best place for business owners to learn and implement the techniques that will deliver success for their organisations. The EC have helped us grow by over 500% since we joined them...I can't praise them highly enough!

Business has just gone through the roof!

Val Hever, Val Hever Blinds

The business has gone through the roof. We've put on over £80,000 onto our turnover and all done through things I've picked up at the Entrepreneurs Circle. Marketing more than anything. I was really struggling on that side. We just went by on adverts...

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A step-change in the performance of my business...

Bob Mullard, TriForm Print

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to work we go!!!!!!!" Do you remember the song from the seven dwarfs from Snow White and one was called Grumpy ? Well that is how we felt in March this year and we certainly did not feel like singing...

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Income up 50% since joining EC

Deborah Walker, Passport to Change

“I’m a naturopath and my business is ‘Passport to Change’. Joining the EC reminded me why I had originally set my business up and how I should be capitalising on the name. I knew this but sometimes you need to hear the glaringly obvious. I...

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The possibilities really are endless...

Lucy Barry, Flair School

When Lucy joined the EC her dance school Flair School of Dance was making her only £20,000 a year. But Lucy got busy and she has taken her humble dance studio business to incredible new heights: creating seven new companies, which are all turning over...

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Ryan Shaw

During that time my business has grown from just me to two limited companies and a turnover of more that one million. More than that it makes a nice profit so that my family and I can have a nice life. I simply would not be in the position I am today without The Entrepreneurs Circle, it has changed my business and my life. They support you and inspire you to help your business grow and develop. You meet likeminded people and you learn things to help you cope and prosper in business and in life. To me, it is irreplaceable and was one of the best decisions I ever made. Sometimes in business, our friends and family are not the right people to take advice from, so if you are reading this and you want to support then you have found the right place.

I love Nige, he makes me feel enthusiastic and motivated

Kelly Harper, Personal Protection Training

When I was a member before, I didn't feel perhaps that my business was ready for it, either my business or I wasn't ready for it. But I think the businesses have come such a way now that I know that we need help...

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The best thing about the EC is all the ideas. I've become a lot more focused and accountable

Peter Anderton, Internal Alignment

I've been in the EC now for a while now. And there was a bit of an incubation period for me, initially. It's only really this year that I've really started to take off properly. And it's all about the implementation. I've often said...

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A five-fold increase in net profit...

Keith Edmunds, Tiger Computing

  It was during 2013 that I realised I had to do something. My business, which provides support to Linux users across the UK, had been running for more than ten years, but I wasn't happy. We'd always been profitable, but we were also stagnant. I was frustrated:...

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We're getting a regular supply of leads

Rob Burnell, Norman Bookkeeping & Payroll

I've been more aware of marketing and marketing requirements. So such as direct mail marketing, email marketing, Facebook Campaigns, Google Ad words, really, it sounds ridiculous, but I just wasn't really aware of these types of marketing. I've learned quite a lot using the...

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Ladey Adey

Nigel and his team are ready always to answer any question and gives feedback for any business challenge you face at anytime. The regular clinics are incredible - learning from other business and gaining immense insight into business life.

I doubled my turnover

Sarah Cressall, The Creation Station

When Sarah first set up The Creation Station she set out hoping to be able to do something that would fit in around her children which would be fun and that would earn her a decent income at the same time. The inspiration for the...

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We now have a structure for how to market our business

Tim Baldwin, Baldwin Harris

Basically, we have a structure we know more how to market. Just learned everything about marketing. That's how I really didn't realise how much I didn't know until I joined EC. Yeah, we communicate better with our clients. We communicate better with potential clients...

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A whirlwind of activity that's turned the business around completely

James Nunn, JND Group

In his first two years since joining EC, James has been busy working ON his business, not in it. James says, “It’s been a whirlwind of activity but I’m enjoying it so much and to be honest it's turned the business round completely. I do my 90...

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It helped me identify what steps to take to grow my business

Rachel Willer, The Work Bees

So when I joined the EC, I had only been in business for one month. And as a completely new business owner, not knowing where to start or what my priorities should be, the EC was the place I came to learn those steps....

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Brent Milburn

The Entrepreneurs Circle is a great resource of "how-to" information that is relevant and up to date for business owners large and small. With regular live interactions where questions can be discussed and solutions found. Help is always just a phone call away provided by a friendy, informed expert.There is also an active community of business owners, from whom you can seek and share knowledge.The place to be if you are serious about driving your business forward and most importantly your family.

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