Blossom Blackwell

Video Transcript:

My thinking, because my thinking was completely and utterly wrong. My pricing structure was completely and utterly wrong. I daren’t put my prices up, but that’s the first thing they told me to do. And I did, and you know what? It didn’t make any difference to the punter, it made all the difference to me.

When I joined, I was so lonely. I just didn’t know what to do. And I was looking, looking, looking for some help and I think it was on Facebook.

My favourite thing, it changes because the business always changes, but at the moment, the online marketing is absolutely superb. And I’m looking so forward to the new teams with all these, I suppose they’re celebrity trainers. No, they’re not celebrity trainers. That’s the thing. They’re celebrities, but they’re going to train us for a whole day. How that’s going to work, I have no idea. But Nigel is a very clever man and how he sold it to them, again, I have no idea, but it was brilliant and I’m really looking forward to it.

Blossom Blackwell – The Pantry at Southwood Golf Course