Mark Hammond

Video Transcript:

My way of thinking. Just the the way I do business now has changed. I was brought up with my dad’s way. It’s quite old school. Yeah, more leads, and far, far better conversion. I’m now following up. My quotes are a lot better. My quality of my phone calls a lot better, a lot longer. And my quality of leads are a lot better as well. And that’s all through you guys rigorously telling me what to do, what things on what to do and what not to do. At first it was kind of just marketing. And then I realised EC’s not just marketing. It’s literally the whole circuit.

And it helps you with dealing with staff if you’ve got any issues with those, motivating staff, motivating you. Dealing with needs, operational side of things to it as well. It’s kind of like the whole package. I just thought it was marketing stuff, but it’s not. It’s everything. My favourite thing is how everybody is one big family. And everybody’s so keen on helping each other, even if it means putting themselves out with their time and their money. Members of the EC Team have given hours of their time, looked at my app or some things like that. I really like that sense of, it’s all one big family. We’re out here to help each other. We’re all on the same side, which is always good.

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