Beverley Jones


“In October 2010 I was invited along to a meeting that was to change my business thinking – and my life!

It was at that meeting that I first met Nigel Botterill and that was the day I realised that if I wanted my business to be super successful I would need to surround myself with the knowledge, positivity, team and members at the Entrepreneurs Circle. ‘Who you hang around with matters’ as Nige says!

I signed up for my trial membership and I have never looked back. I have learned so much and picked up knowledge that I just know would not be available to me anywhere else – especially not all in one place.

I’ve been encouraged and supported in a fun but no nonsense way. At your 1-1’s you get told it as it is which can sometimes be a bit brutal. It’s not for the faint hearted but a lesson you will be thankful for.

Join Nigel and the team…

Since being a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle I have priced for profit, sent out newsletters, written a book, built products that bring in a passive income, have learnt how marketing needs to be right and yes you can make it fun… in fact this is what your customers remember about you and how someone, somewhere is also waiting to help you on your business journey.

I have certainly turned my thinking from self-employment to business owner and would encourage anyone who wants to do the same to join Nigel and his team at the Entrepreneurs Circle. Once you have taken that decision I don’t think you will look back, the only thing you need to do is put your learning’s into ACTION!”