Adrian Dadds


“My EC membership has been brilliant so far and has led to me making some big changes. Most importantly I look at my business in a much more strategic way now.

So far my big wins (in no particular order) have been:

Added testimonials to my web site – so easy and powerful why didn’t I do this before?

Signed up to Google Places.

Started Twitter – a very long way to go on doing this properly, but it has already led to a meeting with a local accountant, so not all bad.

Signed up to Adwords, which is fantastic. Still needs honing, but is generating some really great leads, and is providing to be a brilliant return on my investment.

Implemented a premium pricing product which is going well.

Re-worked my budgets based on what I want next year and have broken these down to weekly monthly and quarterly targets – scary, but achievable and definite motivation for getting everything else right!

I have set up a call answering service to free up my time and give clients a better service.

New member of staff has been hired.

I am currently looking at my residual income options. My main focus is to finish writing a guide to business lending. This will be a download from my website and includes 1 hour consultancy. It is aimed at people that want to raise finance themselves, but need a few pointers as to how to approach banks to maximise their chances of success.

I’ve moved forward so much. EC has been a great investment and is a MUST for anyone that’s serious about growing their business.”