Robin Adams

Video Transcript:

I joined the EC and being a marketer myself, I came in thinking ‘hey, I knew it all’ and all the bits and pieces, like quite a lot of marketers do. And what I realised is that trying to keep up with what’s relevant and what’s new is really important, but just as much, the community network of people. Being a solopreneur, we all know, is a lonely activity. So to know that there’s people I can speak to who can keep me updated and make sure that I am close to the cutting edge as I can be, but also can just give me a kick in the backside when I need it and lift me up when I need it, and can celebrate when something’s good as well.

That sense of community is probably the biggest thing I’ve taken, and being able to lean on those people has helped my business grow. Over the last 12 months, I’ve seen absolute massive growth, now that I finally worked out what it is they do. And that was partly through EC. EC pointed me in the right direction, gave me a platform to be seen as an expert in MailChimp, and then as a consequence, my business has gone gangbusters since that point.

Realistically, my business, from a marketing and MailChimp point of view started probably January this year. Since January, my quarter two figures were double my quarter one figures. My quarter three figures were 50% up on my quarter two figures, and my quarter four figures are already slightly up on my quarter three figures. So over the last year, I’ve gone from playing at running a business to actually having a solid business and having money coming in.

At the same time, I’ve launched a Facebook group. Launched that at the end of February. I’m now over a thousand members to that group, which is a worldwide MailChimp Facebook group. The last 12 months have just been everything that I hoped running a business would be, after a few years of struggling through, to be honest.

The reason I joined EC is partly because I knew a number of people in the area down in Surrey who were in EC and vouched for the benefits of it. I remember going along and it was, I think there was a special offer or whatever to go along. So I went along, got the first month for free. And to some extent, went along thinking, I’ll just take the first month, I’ll get what I need from it, and then I’ll continue doing what I’m doing.

And once I was in that room and surrounded by the people and the atmosphere and the support that was there both from a mental, but also from a physical materials point of view, it was kind of like, oh, actually, you know what? There’s a bit more to it than I thought. This is something that I was going to give a chance. So I said, “All right, well, let’s give it three months.” And at the end of three months, I was like, “Well, let’s give it another six months.” I’ve made sure that I’ve reviewed that I am getting benefit from it all the time. And even now, I’m consistently going, “Is the money that I’m paying and the time that I’m putting in benefiting my business?” And every single time, I’ve answered yes.

My favourite thing about the Entrepreneurs Circle is the community, is literally the fact that I can pick up the phone and speak to people, whether they are part of EC or whether just a member. The friends that I’ve built, I’ve got people that I’ve been working with now for three, four years, which has been amazing. And I never thought I’d have that.

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