Ann Boone

Video Transcript:

Since I joined the EC, I’m actually doing something. I’m actually understanding what it is to run a business. I’m actually understanding to set my own personal targets and keeping them. I’m also understanding that it’s a dream that requires a lot of hard work, and I get all the help from the EC here to actually guide me through this.

I was looking for help, and there was an email from Nigel, and I thought, “Oh great.” And so I have had one-to-one business coaching so far, from Hannah, and she’s really helping me to focus and stay on track and find those customers. Get the money to come in to then start building a real business and invest money into my business to make more money.

And just sitting here for about two-and-a-half hours, I’ve learned a lot. There was several things, from the answers and the discussion to some of the very, very valid questions that kind of rearranged my brain completely. I’ve now sorted out my high-level proposition for one of the packages that I’m going to offer. All the different ways, different bits and pieces. Got to work out the cost. Work out the cost and know what things are costing. Very important.

Ann Boone – Powerful Healing