Simon Unger

Video Transcript:

I’ve got more focus and I am more committed to getting processes and building a support structure around me to grow the business.

Strange, but I joined because I want to learn and I want to benefit from other people’s experiences. I do believe that most businesses have similar issues, even though they might be in different sectors. Really, in terms of structure and getting a bit of confidence to know that what I was doing was right. It’s lonely sometimes being an entrepreneur. And I just wanted that support network around me.

I’ve taken on permanent staff as opposed to using freelancers. So that’s a change. I haven’t got a marketing programme in place, so I’ve got no measures there. Turnover is good. I’m measuring unbilled sales, which I’ve never done before. And that’s a good number. It’s 200 grand of work we’ve done that we haven’t charged for yet. So I’d say that the 200 grand of unbilled work and taking on permanent people. So I’ve got two of those now.

It’s very positive. And sometimes when you’re feeling down, you need a kick up the ass. So it’s good. I think the content is very good and I’m looking forward to going forward and putting an automated marketing plan in place and then measuring it and monitoring it and tweaking it. And I know with the implementation plans, there’s a lot of help and support there so, that’s what I enjoy and what I’m looking forward to.

Simon Unger – The Procurement Co