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Here’s What We Do

Products Our range of products give you the tools and templates you need to grow your business.

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Events The best, most content-rich (and entertaining!) business events for entrepreneurs.

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Coaching For entrepreneurs looking for more personal one to one help and support.

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Agency For business owners who just want someone to do all their marketing for them.

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Here’s Why We Do It

The Entrepreneurs Circle work with thousands of business owners, just like you, every single day who desire success and growth for their business.

Here at EC we think it’s crap that so many businesses fail or more often stay mired in mediocrity. It happens because they don’t get the real life support, the insights, the training, the coaching, all the backup that they need to enable them to really succeed.

That’s why Entrepreneurs Circle exists. To fix that.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Joining EC was the best decision I’ve made

Joining EC was the best decision I’ve made in over 10 years in business and our focus and progress is due in no small part to Nigel and the team at EC and the help and inspiration they’ve given me.

Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams Terptree

£1.2m to £2m in ten months!

I joined Entrepreneurs Circle last year and the business has gone from £1.2m to over £2m in a ten-month period! It’s fantastic!

Costa Georgio

Costa Georgio UK Kebabs

£750,000 of sales from one EC nugget…

I increased my turnover by 400% by following one EC nugget. It sounds obvious now but it’s made such a big difference and when I add it up it’s generated £750K worth of sales!

Andrew Thomson

Andrew Thomson Innova Engineering

The enthusiasm is contagious

I love the Entrepreneurs Circle! When you work on your own it can be very challenging to keep inspired, motivated and on track. Nigel’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Elaine Carr

Elaine Carr Flip Flop Marketing

Zero to £400,00 turnover in just four years thanks to EC

With the help of Nigel Botterill, my business has gone from strength to strength and has transformed into the success it is today. We now turnover £400,000 with a team of seven people, in just four years ago.

James Sheard

James Sheard The Accountancy People

A new £25,000 contract

Inspired by what I learned at the EC, I produced a top quality newsletter. The newsletter attracted the right attention and we landed a £25,000 contract as a result.

John Lamerton

John Lamerton Free Racing Tips

£100,000 of sales in three days

I used the information that I’d learned from the EC when selling tickets to a music festival. I sold a quarter of the event tickets within three days of them going on sale, which brought me in £100,000!

Rob Star

Rob Star Eastern Electrics Festival

£60,000 of new business

As an EC member, I knew that I had to give direct mail a try. I sent out a great offer and a pack of jelly beans to clients that we wanted to work with. Within two days I’d brought in £60,000 of new business. Brilliant.

Becky Lippet

Becky Lippet The Umbrella Group

£18,500 of new business in a week

After hearing Nigel speak about the importance of offering a premium product at an EC Event, I decided to begin offering a three-tiered pricing structure. Within a week this new pricing structure had brought in £18,500 worth of new business!

Delyth Jones

Delyth Jones Answer My Phone

Within just two week I’d won a £50,000 contract

Joining the EC helped me to put 12 years worth of ideas into action. The content they have available online really helped me and within just two weeks of joining I’d won a £50,000 contract as a result.


Lucy Barry

Lucy Barry Flair Dance Academy

On track for £1,000,000 turnover

After being a member of EC for just four weeks I’d increased my turnover by £40,000. I’ve really learned to work ‘on’ my business, rather than just ‘in’ it and now I’m on track to reach a turnover of £1,000,000 by the end of the year.


Nik Allen

Nik Allen My News Mag

It’s on another level completely…

I’ve been a member of the EC for several years now and I can honestly say that the support they offer really is on another level, completely different to anything else out there. So practical and insightful and they really do care.

Steve Hindley

Steve Hindley iNarrator

Turnover up by 500% in the last year…

Times were rough before I joined the EC – my phone never rang. A year later and my sales are up 500% all thanks to the resources and help I’ve received.


Jaroslaw Wolak

Jaroslaw Wolak Lopa Removals

We’ve grown by 35 franchises in 12 months

Working with Entrepreneurs Circle and using their guides and support has allowed us to get serious and take the next step. Results have phenomenal. We’ve grown by 35 in just 12 months.

Colin and Jenni Bradford

Colin and Jenni Bradford Magical Maths

We’ve doubled the size of our business…

The EC has helped us to focus on our marketing and get it right! We’ve implemented what they taught us and in 12 months our turnover has more than doubled!


Mitch Lloyd

Mitch Lloyd Petra Jewellery


Message From The Founder

Entrepreneurs Circle was set up in 2010 to help ambitious business owners build the business – and lifestyle – they want for them and their family.

You see, most business owners are good at what they do – but no ones ever taught or shown them how to actually grow a business in the 21st century.

For seventy years after the war all you had to do to grow a business was:

– take the biggest ad you could afford in Yellow Pages,
– rely a lot on word of mouth and
– if you were really ambitious, or a bit flash (!) you went in the local paper.

But over the last fifteen years all that has changed.

Word of mouth nowadays is all about social media and online reviews; Yellow Pages is literally dead and every week another local paper closes down and the ones that are left aren’t read by large sections of your target market.

EC will bring leading edge marketing and business thinking to your business.

Modern day strategies and techniques that work; that help you get your business to where you want it to be…

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We’ve put together a whole selection of free tools, trainings and resources to help you kick-start your business growth. Take a look below:

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The 7 Secrets You Need To Know To Transform your Business & Your Profits

This guide will help you to transform your business – and your life. Big words, I know, but we’re not messing around here – as you’ll discover.

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The 80 Hour Cash Machine

Looking to turn emails into profit? Download the 80 Hour Cash Machine: copy & paste email templates that will turn your prospects into customers in less than 80 hours.

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The Local Business Survival Guide

This Survival Guide should be mandatory reading for ALL local business owners. The practical strategies it outlines could add thousands to your bottom line – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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