Nick Fenmor Collins

Video Transcript:

I’d say we’re a lot more organised. We know which direction where we’re heading in now, and we know what we’re going to. There’s a strategic plan in place and we’re following it. And obviously, we’re a digital marketing agency, but pulling all of the other marketing elements into went into place has made a real difference to the business really.

If I tell you that when we joined the EC there was three of us, and now there are eight of us that probably gives you an indication of how we’ve been able to grow with the right kind of backup and support and tools and knowledge in place that we now have really.

Definitely the meetings. So we’re kind of meeting up with like-minded businesses and kind of chatting to them, understanding their issues. And invariably their issues are the same as my issues. And obviously any interactions with Knight and the team are… Because they’ve dealt with so many businesses that there’s just a wealth of knowledge in this. There’s so many, yeah. I’ve been a member for, I’m just trying to think four or five years now and every time we have a meeting, there’s something new that we can implement. And one of the things that always amazes me is the amount of people that end up saying, “Gosh, I wish I was running their business so I could implement that.” And then you’re looking to go, “Oh, there’s so much I can implement for my business as well.”

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