Darren Taylor


Darren Taylor has achieved a lot in a short time. His business manufactures signs and safety equipment for the construction and fire industries.

From six figure turnover to seven…

Darren’s business was sizable even before he joined the EC; based in Wolverhampton with 23 staff and a sizeable six figure turnover. But Darren was properly ambitious and he joined EC looking for help to double the size of his business.

“It took us two years to double it the first time, and then another two years to double it again” explains Darren who now sits at the helm of a seven figure business “and we couldn’t have done it without all the help and learning from Nige and his team at the EC. It’s brilliant”.

Darren is very softly spoken and self deprecating but he’s got a really good handle on his numbers and, by making small changes, one at a time, he is continually moving his business forward.

Darren’s also very switched on to what’s happening in his marketplace and he’s been able to respond swiftly in recent times to new opportunities and reap the benefits as a result.

Great implementer…

He is studious (studying some of the top marketers in the world), a great implementer and he has built a hugely valuable and very successful business.