Damian Smyth

Video Transcript:

The accountability, and having someone there to hold your feet to the fire is really important for me because when you’re working on your own as an entrepreneur, you don’t have anyone else to bounce ideas off. It can be quite a lonely place unless you have some peers and some people that you trust to reflect your great ideas, which can seem great to you, but until you actually put them out there… So for instance, on the group and on the weekly calls, and I mean, it’s just phenomenal feedback and advice. Priceless, I think.

Of course, what I saw was that when done properly, it works.

I mean, the clients, I guess you could say members, that I was working with that, more consistently winning awards and consistently smashing out of the park, they were the ones who were using the 90 minute trackers who were going to the meetings who were turning up at events, making notes, going back, doing something about it, going on the team courses, making notes, going back, doing something about it, using the peers in the groups and doing something about it.

It’s two things really, it’s being persistent, but also doing the right things.

And I think if you’ve got a few thousand people that can reflect what the right things are, then that’s going to be really helpful.

I guess it is difficult to quantify at the moment because, it’s brand new. And even in the first three months the business models completely changed. I mean, 50% of my business changed pretty much within a couple of weeks as my new business partner basically got a number of contracts in Dubai. So he’s been out there ever since. So the focus of my business went entirely on to rethinking business. And as a result, I’ve developed three more products, which I didn’t foresee.

I do like the calls with Nige, I think they’re really good. I think it’s probably the groups. It was probably the Facebook groups  because if you’ve got an idea, you can put something out there and you’ll get immediate feedback. There’s an often used hashtag, which is “easy works”. One of the things that, that I see a lot of is I see that hashtag used when people have succeeded and they’ve done something really, really good. And invariably that will be as a result of something that they’ve learned from the Entrepreneurs Circle.

Damian Smyth – Rethinking Business