Robert Dodd

Video Transcript:

Quite a lot has changed, actually. I used to come into work without a plan, and things would sometimes happen and things sometimes wouldn’t happen. But now I’ve joined the EC, I have a way of making things happen, without the guesswork.

Everything I’ve done in my business so far has just been done through hustling. Every day, I come in and hustle. And after seven years of hustling, I was losing energy. So what the EC gave me was I was focused. I knew what I was doing every day coming into work. I had a plan. I had a resource. I had someone to… if I was in trouble or just had no answers to particular questions. So, yeah. So, I’ve got focus. And every day now, I come into work and I know what I’m doing. It sounds odd, but I know what I’m doing. And before, I was just every day hustling.

So, when I first joined the EC, I was turning over about £120,000 as an exchange agent with a small office. And one member of staff and a part-time member of staff. Since joining the EC, I’ve got a new office, I’ve got five staff, and my turnover has pretty much doubled.

My favourite thing about The Entrepreneur’s Circle is I come into work and I am with a smile on my face because I know what I’m doing. Before, I was kind of playing at it, guessing at it, making right moves, making wrong moves. But now I come into work every day and I’ve got a plan for the next three to six months and three years. So, every day I have vision, and I never had that before.

Robert Dodd – Windsor and Rose Estate Agents