Rebecca Dowdeswell

Video Transcript:

I’d say it’s an aggregate of lots of little things rather than one single big thing. So for example, you weren’t tracking before how many phone calls we were missing or that we were missing them at all. So I’ve now got, if somebody rings up, we’ve got an on-hold marketing message. If somebody doesn’t pick up, they go through to a call answering service or something like that. Might not seem like a big deal, but actually it means that we’re not losing out a lot of customers each day, just to someone not picking up the phone. It’s really an obvious thing, but it’s something that I had not thought of before.

I think I was like a lot of business owners, quite lonely. It’s lonely when you don’t have anyone to talk to bounce ideas off and ask advice from. So that’s what I was looking for general support and also the marketing expertise. I think if you work on your own, you can’t keep up to date with all of the marketing trends, but obviously the EC is a huge organisation. They can keep up today and then they pass it onto us, which is really useful.

In 2016 were up by about 20% on the previous year. So I know that the EC has definitely contributed to it.

I think I see the inspiration and the motivation it provides you with. I know one of Nigel’s big thing is that the people you surround yourself with is so important and I’ve never met so many successful people as being here. And I used to think we were doing fairly well. And then you come, come to the EC and there’s people just doing phenomenally well and it spurs you on and it makes you realise actually you can do a lot better. And I think that’s what I like.

Rebecca Dowdeswell – NKD Waxing