Jaz Boparai

Video Transcript:

Well, I think I’ve just got more focused and the EC keeps me on my toes. I get some great ideas every month. Every time I come to a meeting, there’s always a nugget that I can take away and implement, so it’s all good.

Well Explosive, it was just building a database and sending out stuff automatically, which Explosive did. But since then, obviously it’s evolved from Explosive into Entrepreneurs Circle. And again, I’m able to devise strategies with more knowledge, so Facebook to come on, Google ads and everything else. So it’s changed a lot.

It’s hard to tell because my business is old, but since I’ve really focused on Entrepreneurs Circle since 2014, we’ve grown by 15%, 17% and would like that to go another 10% this year. So just by focusing.

I like the inner circle. It’s good because you get to take away a lot of things from different businesses which you can implement in your own business. So, yeah. It’s all good.

Jaz Boparai – Chilli Restaurant