Rob Burnell

Video Transcript:

I’ve been more aware of marketing and marketing requirements. So such as direct mail marketing, email marketing, Facebook Campaigns, Google Ad words, really, it sounds ridiculous, but I just wasn’t really aware of these types of marketing. I’ve learned quite a lot using the online portal, the training, and it’s enhanced app are not some skills knowing.

Really I was just a complete blank canvas, when it comes to marketing. I’ve been quite fortunate with the leads that I’ve got. Most of our advertisements come from our word of mouth. I haven’t seen a book work successfully for us before, but to really take the business to the next level we needed a book here at marketing strategy, and Entrepreneur Circles helped me work towards that.

Well in the last two months, we’ve picked up eight good leads, which is, compared to this time last year, we were probably one, really. It was very, very sporadic. Whereas now, we’re getting a regular supply of leads which would convert it into a new business.

Events like today, really unsure events. I love the keen night speakers, especially natural speeches, and it’s a great network and opportunity to get out of the office and meet people, and yeah.

Rob Burnell – Norman Bookkeeping & Payroll