Bob Mullard


“Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to work we go!!!!!!!”

Do you remember the song from the seven dwarfs from Snow White and one was called Grumpy ? Well that is how we felt in March this year and we certainly did not feel like singing .

Then in April we were introduced to the Entrepreneurs Circle and I must say we have been singing ever since .

Nigel Botterill and his team have shown us the light . It is literally like being reborn – hearing a new exciting sound that resonates enabling you to deploy in your business the endless nuggets of insights and useful information provided on a weekly and monthly basis. It’s brilliant. It really is.

You see, we’ve been running a successful, profitable, business since 1989; surviving two recessions whilst maintaining a customer base with little or no attrition.

But we had no real direction and certainly no marketing strategy in place.

That all changed when i was invited to a business presentation at Bath University where I witnessed this bloke from Yorkshire in a great shirt telling the assembled audience what he thought about UK businesses and how he could help them grow and prosper. That bloke was Nigel Botterill and what an impact he made.

I have been to many presentations and business seminars over the years and I can tell you he is the most motivational , inspirational and informative speaker I have ever seen or heard. By a long way. He makes the presentations fun and interesting with a no nonsense straight talking message that is utterly compelling

The bigger picture…

Since joining I have attended a number of great national events, workshops and training courses. In addition I have had one to one sessions with the EC team which has culminated in us putting in place and implementing a real marketing strategy!!

They’re not blinkered at the EC so they don’t only focus on marketing but they have a rounded view of the bigger broader picture .of business which makes membership even more valuable.

I have to tell you that I am extremely proud and happy to be part of the EC and the wider EC community which is so helpful. It’s breathed new life and energy into all of us at Triform .

If you would welcome a step change in the performance of your business then the Entrepreneurs Circle is the right place for you.

Be in no doubt you will gain such a lot as a member. I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed – because EC definitely works!