Adam Cliff

Video Transcript:

It definitely helped us get… We’re not there yet to where we want to be, but we’re setting new goals all the time. So, we’re far more ahead than we probably would have been without. When we first started in the first couple of years, we were living hand to mouth in terms of, we were almost at the point where we were going to give up and maybe just get regular jobs again, just to kind of make ends meet. And yeah, we knew we had to change our mindset first of all. And I think coming to the EC was the trigger for the rest of it.

The favourite thing about Entrepreneur Circle I would say is probably the networking side of things. You’re surrounded by a lot of people who want similar kind of goals in their lives, both personally and in business. So, it’s nice to be around those people who are building you up rather than breaking you down, which a lot of people around us before were doing. Not knowingly, but people generally have a negative attitude to life. A lot of people do. So, being around positive people who have that can-do attitude who we wanted to be around, is fantastic to be around that.

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