Chadd Blunt

Video Transcript:

Organisation, implementation and getting on and doing it.

I believe in fate, and for some crazy Yorkshire man with ridiculous hand gestures and a little bit of a Brummie accent, on my doorstep 20 minutes ago, I thought that was fate. How that landed in my inbox, I don’t know. So, that engaged me, and I think it was the 704 plan. That was the one that got me a little bit inquisitive to join actually. So, that’s what it came from.

Favourite thing about the Entrepreneurs Circle I’d say is the website and the vault, the information.

It just gave me a kick up the ass. I’m going to get on with it now with EC’s help. It’s worth every penny in my opinion. We’ve employed business coaches in the past, which charged us certainly a lot more money than that. This is more practical, more fun, and very well delivered. It’s like a show, it’s entertaining.

Chadd Blunt – Millennium Cargo Services