Andrew Gosling


“I set up my business in December 2003 in web design/development etc. Although it was moderately successful, by December 2011 I was in a bad place after 2 years of health and family issues. I was going to have to close the business and go back into the wicked world of corporate employment – something I was NOT looking forward to!

Then someone invited me to an Entrepreneur’s Circle event. Quite simply, it renewed my enthusiasm and vigour for running my own business.

Nigel and his team have not only shown me a myriad of methods for marketing and running my business but they keep me focused on what I MUST DO.

Nigels infectious enthusiasm, straight talking (he is a fellow-Yorkshire man after all!!), his no-nonsense appraisal of situations and his general motivation and encouragement to get things done is brilliant.

There are things that Nigel talks about that are blindingly obvious… but had escaped me or I’d forgotten about.

But there are other things which are genuine light-bulb moments which I’d never ever have considered or realised!

Virtually everything that Nigel communicates to EC members resonates with me. Every time I see him or read something from him or watch his videos I can take one or two nuggets away to implement in my business that I know will improve what we are doing at Elysium:Online. Whether I implement them, of course, is down to me. But when I do implement I can see the improvement. Every time!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Entrepreneur’s Circle has made a world of difference to my business and to my ability to control how much money I can earn.

Thank you Nigel and your team. And thank you Andy Gibney for introducing me.”