Martin Norbury

Video Transcript:

So I joined… Crikey, I joined a long time ago, over five years. And what’s changed, really, is the fact that you pick up the same stuff. But to me, what’s really good is it just reemphasizes over and over and over again what you need to do as part of your business. So probably every month we look back at things like the 90-minute programme. And we look at that and we say, “Have we done this yet? Have we done our testimonials? Have we done our referral campaign? Have we done our website review?” All these things, which mean on a yearly basis, you get to cover everything in your business, which is great.

I think I knew a lot about the corporate life, because I had my own business, I sell, I went into the corporate life. But what I didn’t know is about these new technologies. I didn’t understand how social media worked. I didn’t understand, I suppose, the pure essence of marketing. And learning things like the market message media, again, has just changed the way we look at everything. So, it was new stuff that was coming out. It was really, really important for us that we wanted to understand, and just get ahead of the game of what everybody else was doing. And a few little mindset tricks, as well, which was really useful.

In my business, I think the Entrepreneurs Circle is, it just got so much that it can help you with. And for me, it was just like, I went on the million-pound masterplan event, and it just helped me sort of structure what I wanted to do in the business and how I wanted to run it. And from that, I was able to then plan the business better like, say, I don’t work Fridays. The business grew because I was more strategic in it. I was deliberate in the way I thought, which is before I was a bit haphazard. So it just made me into a better business person, really.

I think the community is just superb. There are people that don’t get it, but then suddenly want to understand it, and they put so much time into it. There are people that really get it and want to help out with everybody. And there are people that come and go all the time. But the great thing about the Entrepreneurs Circle is there’s always a group of people around that really want to help you out. And I think that’s the best thing about it, really.

Martin Norbury – My Advocate Mentor