Noel Guilford

Video Transcript:

Before I started in the Entrepreneur’s Circle, I tried to do everything myself. So probably the biggest thing is that I now outsource all the things I’m not very good at. And because I’m not very good at much, that means most of the things I do I outsource.

We’re heading for our first million pound turnover year. It won’t be next year, but the year after we can see exactly how we’re going to achieve that. And three years ago, when I joined the EC, that wouldn’t have been within my wildest dreams.

My favourite thing about the Entrepreneur Circle is the quality of the training. Obviously, when I joined, the TEEPS didn’t exist. But as soon as you introduced the training academy and the training programme, that really lifted me to a new level because before the content was good, natural events, the Vault and so on. But the face-to-face training, in particular here, with the real experts that the EC has onboard delivering that training has made a huge difference to me. And I don’t think I’d be in the place I am now, if it hadn’t been for those… I’ve just done two years of teaps. I’ve got my teap for next year and, obviously, I’ve already booked my courses or a lot of them. And yeah, if I had to think of one thing, there’s lots of good things, but if I had to pick one thing then it would be that.

Noel Guilford – Guilford Accounting