James Neale

Video Transcript:

I joined EC because I was taking my eye off the ball in my business and I was struggling. And so I joined EC basically to give me the kick up the ass that I needed. Joined the BIA membership and just really helped me to focus and concentrate on working on my business, not always in it. Because it was, at the time, just me. Yeah, it’s changed my business totally.

When I joined, I had about $11 pounds left in my overdraft. And within about three months, I probably generated about $57,000 pounds of revenue over the next two years in bookings. Yeah, massive difference.

Accountability is my favourite thing. The kick up the ass. I’ll do one without swearing. I’ll say an ass in it.

It’s the accountability, is the thing that for me is the biggest thing. Just having someone say, “Right, you need to get this done. You need to get this done.” And that’s for me, yeah.

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