Jonathan Davies

Video Transcript:

I think the big change for the better has been the amount of, or the flow of, customers coming to the business. I think that there have been a number of things I’ve taken from the Entrepreneurs Circle, but a couple of the fundamentals have really been about doing things differently to most other accountants in terms of trying to go out and get customers, actually devoting that time to marketing, and that’s just seen a very constant flow of new customers coming in.

I’ve been a member of the EC now for coming up to four years and our turnover is now, well, for the current year, it’s about three and a half times what it was when I joined the EC. It was just such a huge impact.

My favourite thing about the Entrepreneurs Circle is actually the people and the positivity, because sometimes running a business, it can be a bit lonely sometimes with who can you chat to. Actually, every now and then coming along to one of the events or the meetings and actually having a good group of people who are all into growing their business and just really positive, and give me kind of a kick and a boost. That’s one of the best things about the EC.

Jonathan Davies – MJF Accountancy