Andrew Phillips


Entrepreneur’s Circle is like an “All You Can Eat Buffet” and I’m getting heavier all the time!!

There are so many benefits to EC membership and so many ways that my business has grown as a result of implementing Nigel’s ideas and suggestions.

Like any buffet, there were things that I tried but which were not right for me at the time, but times and tastes change so I’ll keep revisiting those choices.

In the meantime, here are my favourites!!

Starters – The foundation

Be different – we all have competitors but it’s how I stand out from other insurance brokers that has a big impact for me.

90 Minutes – putting aside quality time to work on the business has helped me to plan and implement ways to grow the business

Get Help – whilst I’ve not yet started using a virtual assistant, I do use a call answering service and I also outsource certain other work, leaving me more time to work on more productive stuff!

Main Course – The biggies

CRM System – this has been crucial to improving communication with prospects and clients.

EC Team – an incredibly enthusiastic and helpful bunch who have provided some great ideas and are often quite thought provoking.

Social Media – I wasn’t sure that this could help my business but EC has shown me it is here to stay and that I cannot afford to ignore it. I’m now on Twitter and Facebook and whilst I have not yet seen any direct results, I can see how it helps me to engage with clients. There’s still a long way for me to go but I will get there.

Drafting Direct Mail – Nigel helped me with a new direct mail letter and made me think about the approach from a different direction, focussing on what a potential client would want to read.

Desserts – Little Luxuries!

Call Tracking Numbers – helping me to monitor where business comes from

National Events – these have been a great place not only to learn new things from Nigel but also to share ideas with other members.”