Mark Swinford

Video Transcript:

I think it’s mixing ideas, and we’ve managed to grow the business quite extensively. And we’ve put a lot of new ideas in and used a lot of the more modern technologies and the digital marketing side, which we never had any experience of before.

We probably kept the same number of staff, but the staff are now more efficient. We’ve brought in things like Infusionsoft and a lot more Facebook marketing. So we’ve got away from some of the marketing activities we did before that weren’t very successful. So it’s made me a lot more numbers aware and we’ve sacked off all the things that weren’t making us money. So we’re more profitable than we’ve ever been, even though we potentially haven’t turned over a great deal more, but as a business, we’re running a lot leaner and meaner.

The one thing that was really good about EC, I was recommended to it by somebody else who was already a member, that it’s very current and keeps up with current trends and changes and things like that. I’m always keen to change things. I don’t like doing what I did last week, and EC’s great because it keeps you ahead of everybody else. So, where a lot of my competitors are still doing what they did 10 years ago, we’ve moved on, and the skill and the knowledge of the staff behind the scenes are absolutely brilliant for that.

I think the inner circle really now. I think the inner circle has really hits it right. I’ve tried a lot of things with EC and inner circle’s just got it. The mix is absolutely spot on now. Having Nigel pretty much hands-on as well has made a big difference and has given us quite a lot of support.

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