Tracy Farrow

Video Transcript:

Well, I’ve taken lots of different directions. I’ve done new turns. I’ve gone in another direction. I’ve implemented tonnes. I’ve rewritten the script really. But all for the good. I think the biggest thing I get from it is meeting with other business owners and people who can help me and guide me and give me advice. So I’ve made amazing contacts who I’m using, who I’m working with, very effectively to help build my business and drive sales, et cetera. So I think that’s the biggest thing for me.

Everything, really. I was literally a one man band, so I had no team around me. I’ve built a team up now, but really everything. Just bouncing ideas off and hearing how other people are doing things. I just wanted somebody else there really to hold my hand and do things with me really, in the absence of a team.

Originally, we were on a high. We’ve slowed up a little bit, but that’s because we’ve invested in new systems and we’ve sort of developed an awful lot of systems. So in the last two years we’ve put a lot more investment into the company to take us forward in the next few years. So initially we were looking at growth of 25-30% up to 50% in one year, but that’s slowed down now, as we’ve got to sort of readdress the business and see what the business needs to take us to the next level, but I’m very optimistic for some big figures in the next few years, please God.

The people in it. There’s always someone there to help, and if you have a query or a question or you need some advice on any aspect, you can always find somebody who will be able to satisfy that. So the people definitely within it.

Tracy Farrow – Cashmere and Cotton