Kev Goldthorpe

Video Transcript:

My mindset, my direction, absolutely everything. The way I think, the way I commute, the way I act, and the things I do everyday.

Direction. I think you get in business sometimes for the wrong reasons, so you don’t intentionally end up doing what you do, and you find that you struggle with it. In the early days it’s really easy, and everything seems to go right. But when you’ve been in business for a length of time, things start to get more and more difficult, and I think you doubt yourself more. So, I think actually being with an organisation of people, like Entrepreneur Circle, that’s helped me tremendously.

What I actually did is I got rid of two businesses and stripped on right down to the basics and started to rebuild it. So, in the direction that it’s going, yeah, it’s going to be, I would say, 50 times greater than what it was when I originally joined the Circle. That might be the best way I can quantify it.

I just like to be around the people that are in the EC. Like today is brilliant, because it’s just one of those days that I had a lot of questions to ask before I came here, but I’ve answered the questions before I got here. So, it’s nice to listen to other people and get involved in their business. There’s certainly things that you pull out of every session. So, I think for me, it’s the ideas that come out of every session.

Kev Goldthorpe – Elite Driving School