Colin Bradford

Video Transcript:

Well, since I’ve joined pretty much everything has changed because I joined six months into starting a business and I’d never run a business tool before. So, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. And back then when I joined I was probably turning over like two and a half thousand a month, just as a self-employed shooter. And now we turn over over a million a year. So I’ve learned everything that got me from there to where we are now. And so yeah, basically everything had been absolutely ridiculous.

We have like grown really, really quickly and we’ve deliberately gone slightly lower than we could to get those franchisees with bigger areas and more profitable areas almost. But yeah, the EC gave us skills to absolutely explode out the blocks and we’ve got to have some like 50 territories in year one or something insane, but that was purely on the back of the skills that we’d learnt at the EC on how to market and grow.

Oh, I needed help with everything, but I didn’t, all I thought was I was looking for the best people I could find to get around because I just thought that ideas would hit me if I was around good people. So I heard Nigel speak and I thought that I need to learn more from this guy. And he said, I could join this entrepreneur circle. So I said, sign me up. And then once I joined, then I knew it was a good decision. And that’s when I upgraded quickly to Mastermind. And I’ve been in Mastermind ever since. Literally I think it’s my fifth year or something. So yeah, best decision I’ve made in business.

Favourite thing is the positivity where you can come somewhere and say what you want to achieve and have people around you that will say, “Yeah, that sounds good,” but be practical about it as well and actually put steps in place to help you achieve it. But they’ll always be positive and they’ll find a way for you to achieve what you want to achieve and I think that’s the most valuable thing you can have in business spaces.

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