Tim Baldwin

Video Transcript:

Basically, we have a structure we know more how to market. Just learned everything about marketing. That’s how I really didn’t realise how much I didn’t know until I joined EC. Yeah, we communicate better with our clients. We communicate better with potential clients and we drive more business through direct means, through direct relationships, direct marketing.

I was looking for support, a bit of accountability and a bit of support about being a new business. On my own in the office, I had no one else to talk to and no more help. And I just saw the amount of content. I saw an examples of the content, an example of a national event. And I just felt that this could be really good, basically feel like they would be part of my business, part of the team. Yeah. Looking for support and friends.

Our turnover has gone up from very small amount to about 50K, I think the year we joined, and this year’s projected turnover’s 680.

So that’s gone up. And the staff have increased. I employ freelance staff to help me, but it’s something again only because of the EC that I decided that investment in people took the weight off things and it’s something I wouldn’t have done staff wise without EC.

I can say there are different things, like the content you’ve provided. I have various favourite bits of that. I really liked the bot cost CDs and I really like some of your emails. And I really like the passion Nigel brings to it.

Tim Baldwin – Baldwin Harris