Jacinta Scannel

Video Transcript:

I’ve probably doubled or tripled the size of the business. I’ve certainly increased the number of customers by 200%, 300%. I’ve also had a lot more confidence about my decisions about my business and what I’m doing. And I feel that I’m kind of absorbing all the information that I get from the EC. And without really realising it, I’m implementing it. Not necessarily consciously, but looking back over this year, I’ve achieved so much without actually being aware that I’m doing it. And when I look at what I’ve done, I realise it’s all the stuff I’ve learned at the EC that’s allowed me to do that.

Turnover certainly doubled in the last year alone. Probably as I said, my team have doubled in the last year alone. I’m looking to double it again in the next two months. And I think next year, my turnover will probably at least increase by another 50%.

I think it’s the learning and the confidence that it gives me as a business owner to know that the decisions I’m making are the right decisions for me and my business.

Jacinta Scannel from The Conference Collective – Member since April 2013