John Triplis


John’s success with EC has been spectacular: turnover leaping by 131% and profits rocketing by 85%. But this is not just a story of marketing implementation, as you’re about to discover how John went about changing the way he lives his life to ensure he was on the road to super success, with the right people supporting him.

John says, “Since taking the Google Adwords course I’ve spent time studying and implementing/split testing ads within my account. I studied Perry Marshall’s materials for advanced Google AdWords training, read various books on AdWords and Analytics and watched a lot of YouTube videos and am now an AdWords master. It’s revolutionised my business and has allowed me to give up networking & leaflets, freeing up time and money and giving me huge ROIs. Last time I checked it was at around 2400%. I have put my pay-per-click skills to use and have launched a new business called PPC Wizards which manages the Google accounts of businesses who use my services and I also provide one to one tuition consultancy for Google AdWords. This is a major part of the extra income I needed to meet my goals set out in the Masterplan event. Without EC, I wouldn’t have known any better.

“I created a new video for my website which has helped reduce my initial high bounce rate, and customers seem to find it interesting. It also makes me very different to most other tradesmen so it’s a great way to differentiate from the competition. Another way I differentiate is an eight step guarantee which is publicised on my website and it really does differentiate me from my competition…

“I attended Nigel’s Million Pound Masterplan Event which enabled me to think about how much I want to earn and set some goals on how to get there.

I realised that I had to create a new income stream as being a do-er wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be. I also followed up with an implementation day at Botty Towers getting videos taken and wrote two new complete sales letters. I attended one of Nige’s Induction days and still managed to take away so much from it!

This might sound like simple stuff, but before, being dragged into the daily grind of work’s day-to-day chores, I just didn’t get a real chance to sit and focus on what had to be done.

“I have employed my first member of staff and have been teaching her all the aspects of decorating so I can handle more work and spend more time doing the important stuff – such as marketing.

“After I brought my quotation form into our local meeting for critique I completely revamped it. I’m very proud of my good looking and effective quoting system. I normally send out quotes by email but I now follow up with a hard copy in the post on nice thick letterheads, in a bright green handwritten envelope, just to get it noticed – another EC trick!

I’ve also implemented minor yet significant changes like revamped business cards, email signature and social media presence; used special fonts and squiggles; re-vamped & critiqued 60 second networking speech. Every single piece of marketing I produce goes through the special checklist provided. All the small things really do add up.”