Prue Deane

Video Transcript:

We joined several years ago, and we really didn’t know much about marketing. From the very first meeting I was just so amazed at the content and how much we basically didn’t know. Right from that first session, we started implementing things into the business. Simple things to start, such as tracking numbers. We got a new website, we have a newsletter, a printed one. Ad-wise, we didn’t know anything about that, social media marketing, honestly, just so many things. I’ve learnt such a lot from EC, really have.

I think we joined up about three years ago. Our business would be triple the size, in terms of turn over.

The enthusiasm, everything so positive, the content. There’s so many things. The staff are amazing, the implementation plans online, the meetings, the national events. There’s just so much, really.

Prue Deane – Accountancy Learning