Sarah Aherne

Video Transcript:

Well, first of all, I’ve changed for the better. So I’ve just learned so much, so much stuff from all the TEEPS that I’ve been coming to. I’ve been to so many, I can’t remember now how many have been on. But my staff, my confidence in my team, I’ve made it such a nice place to work now, but it’s really controlled. Like I’ve really got the balls that I needed to get kind of thing. And I’ve got all my processes in place now. And I think that’s been so crucial this year for me.

Before I was in the EC, I just had no one. It’s really lonely, because you’ve got no one to ask, or you’ve got no other people to get ideas from. And I think, especially since I’ve joined the Inner Circle this year, and I just think it’s amazing that I can just sit there sometimes and just listen to what other people are saying. And then I’m like, “Oh yeah, that’s a brilliant idea. I’m going to do that in my own way for my business.” So it’s just nice. You’ve got a community, and you just feel like you just get so much help. It’s amazing.

We’re having our best year so far this year. My sales were up massively in the summer, and it’s brilliant. And also, last week at my Inner Circle meeting I was saying about, because my business is a tanning salon, so my sales are down in the winter, and I’ve never put on a sale. I’ve just expected people to pay the same price in the winter as in the summer. And Nigel was like, “Just put the sale on.” So I put the sale on last week, and my sun beds, there’s only five spaces today on one of my sun beds, like my best sun bed. And I would never, ever have thought of doing that, or had the guts to do it. So yeah, just getting nuggets and brilliant ideas from people.

Learning. I just want to learn everything I can to make my business and me better. Just don’t be afraid of asking for help. Get involved, because there’s even the Facebook group and stuff like that. I’m not even on Facebook, but I’ve made a Facebook profile just so that I can look at the EC stuff, because that is for work. It’s not looking at rubbish on the Internet. So yeah, just really get involved. I think that’s my biggest bit with why I still go on.

Sarah Aherne – Shwe Tan