Andrew Thomson

Video Transcript:

I set up in business about four years ago, having worked all my life as an engineer, and knowing nothing whatsoever about marketing or about sales or about how to promote my business. And I think I’ve been in the EC for two years now, and that’s been an extraordinary journey. A huge, huge learning curve and I’m still a long way to go on that, but hugely beneficial for me in terms of starting to get proper marketing materials put together, starting to reach out to customers and understand them better. And I’ve seen real progress in the business in terms of its growth and number of customers.

Oh, I needed help and support with everything. I work in IT, so the technical side of it is fine. That’s what I’ve done all my life. But the whole business side I knew absolutely nothing about whatsoever. So it was a huge leap into the unknown.

And I think that probably the most useful, the most valuable thing for me has been the support and the encouragement and knowing there are people who’ve been there before and you’ve got the skills and the knowledge to actually help me on that journey. And it’s been fantastic.

People talk about the EC being like a family and it really is. The warmth and the support that you get is amazing.

I think it’s the relationships that you build and the fact that there’s always someone that you can ask if you’ve got a question or a problem. There’s someone there who’s done what you need to do before, either on the staff or on the Facebook group or through one of the other regional groups that you might belong to. There’s always someone that can help you out and people are so willing to support you.

Andrew Thomson – Innova Engineering