Eddie Ray

Video Transcript:

The growth of the business. We’ve definitely grown the business year on year. I think that being able to network with like-minded people, support from EC team members, and just generally being around the right environment and the right kind of people just really helped us to grow the business. It’s had significant impact.

I suppose, essentially as business standards, we’re trying to find, not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel, that there’s people out there that are doing really, really good things and success leaves clues. By working with EC members and ECE people, it really helped us to move things forward.

We run a number of businesses. They all operate in similar sectors, but what the EC has helped us to do is maybe evolve our business. In terms of the growth of the business, looking at the group of companies, we’ve probably grown around about 400-500% since our time in the EC, which has been six years. We’ve seen significant growth from point of stock to currently where we are and we’re growing across all those combinations and all those areas. Year on year, growth is happening, but overall it’s been massive really, and it’s had a great impact on me, the business, and everybody involved.

There’s such a buzz around the place and you get to meet really like-minded people. It’s nice to obviously be networking with people that can support and help you. That’s really cool. I really enjoy that part of the Entrepreneurs Circle. But I think it’s also forward thinking. There’s so much good stuff that they’re doing, so many things that you can swipe and deploy. There’s not one single thing. I think it’s a number of things which make the EC great and a great community to be a part of.

Eddie Ray- Progressive Sports