Graham Rowan


“When you’re trying to grow a business, staying focused when a thousand distractions come your way is one of the hardest challenges of all. Two things are always in short supply – time and cash.

So the last thing I felt like doing was spending some cash and giving some time to something called the Entrepreneurs Circle.

Money you could spend on more advertising, even though you don’t know which ads are working and which aren’t.

Time you could spend cold calling, even though your conversion rate is bad and getting worse.

Down to earth…

I felt the same way when I first went to one of the events. But I soon realised it was so different to what I expected and unlike anything else out there. It’s completely down-to-earth in its focus. The Events are packed with solid content that you can roll out in your business straight away and they’re backed up with the monthly magazine and loads of online support and resources in The Vault.

Let me get specific. In January this year Nigel did a session on newsletter marketing. By March I had my own alternative investments newsletter, Wealth Watch, written, designed, printed and sent out to 500 people in my database.

700% ROI…

I’ve just sent out the sixth issue in August, and so far I’ve averaged a 700% ROI on each issue. I now have over 1,000 readers, and last week I landed an investment of £117,200 from someone who got to know me through Wealth Watch.

It’s also opening doors for me in gaining access to investment gurus, raising my own profile by association and bringing more and more companies knocking on my door to promote their investments.

That was one idea from one meeting.

I typically come away with a list of 15-20 specifics to implement in the days and weeks after each event.

Basic membership is about two quid a day. If only all my investment decisions were this easy….