Jamie Reeves


Jamie has raised himself through the EC membership levels, each time learning and absorbing everything available to him. He‘s become a true student of marketing and implementation and made some very good friends along the way. He loves to test email campaigns, web pages, lading pages, Google ads and anything else that could bring him a better conversion rate, ultimately resulting more of the right customers.

But it’s not been easy.

Jamie has faced many challenges and worked hard to remove himself from ‘the doing’ in his business to becoming the marketer of his business. It’s not an easy transition and one that many members struggle with on a daily basis. But he’s persisted and he continues to grow and develop.

Here’s Jamie’s story…

“Since joining the EC we have quadrupled our turnover from £50k to over £200k with our Singing Waiters show.

We got serious with Adwords by using conversion tracking and analytics to target what works best for us and added over 6800 negative keywords to out campaigns. We have almost become the EC’s best stalker with the dark art of re-marketing.

“We set up an auto responder campaign which spans over eight months and typically for the beginning part of the campaign has open rates of over 40%, using Mailchimp. It’s such an important part to drive new customers and one that takes the pressure off when new enquiries come in; you know that the information customers need is already being sent and that includes special offers and deadlines to entice them in. It’s a fundamental part of our business and it’s all on autopilot. If you are yet to set up an auto responder campaign then I strongly urge you to use your 90 minute sessions to sit down and commit to doing this.

“We also launched Wedding Entertainment UK, gaining over 60 enquiries in the first month.

“I set up a separate CRM system which I use with my virtual assistant to complete tasks at both locations easily and efficiently –and got a VA of course to help with tasks just like this that took up far too much of my time beforehand. It’s funny some tasks like this seem easy to do yourself but when you add up the minutes here and there it’s a big drain on the time you could/should be spending marketing and getting customers!

“I’ve taken on a full time sales person which was not a decision taken lightly, but I couldn’t take a leap forward without getting more help. We’ve also just taken on premises overlooking the Wigan canal close to the famous Wigan Pier to give us a new working environment and more room.

“Apart from the help I receive from the EC, I’ve developed myself through courses and books and improved my confidence, knowledge and my general wellbeing by continuing my learning and taking advantage of all the tried and tested knowledge that is out there.