The Most Complete Marketing System in the UK for Small Business Owners...

FINALLY! An easy to use, AI-powered, all-in-one marketing system that does (almost!) all the hard work for you to get more customers, keep clients longer, and properly scale your business - automagically!


Nigel Botterill

Founder, Entrepreneurs Circle

GenieAI is the greatest thing Entrepreneurs Circle has ever created. They're big words... but after providing the templates and tactics to help businesses to grow for over 15 years now - this is the first time we can finally give our members the tool that brings it all together.

It does all the hard work for you, lets you harness the power of AI, and saves you hours of time (and lots of money!!). Not to mention the world-class support!

If you're sick of subscription fees and letting technology get in the way of your business growth - book a demo of GenieAI.

GenieAI Really WILL
Grant Your 3x Wishes!

Wish #1 Get New Customers - Automatically!

With its cutting edge automated marketing and pre-written templated campaigns.

Wish #2 Remove Your Headaches!

With a super simple editor to build web pages, campaigns, emails and more!

Wish #3 Save Time AND Money!

With the ultra-powerful AI doing all the heavy lifting AND replacing almost all your current subscriptions!

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Discover 18 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS GenieAI

#1: Artificial Intelligence

It's called GenieAI for a reason! There’s soooooo much cutting-edge AI tech included in the system to make your life easy.

You can use the built-in AI to:

  • Write emails
  • Write website copy
  • Generate images
  • Respond to chat messages
  • And more!

Let the AI powered Genie do almost ALL the hard work for you.

*GenieAI is the only CRM system out there which has such an extensive use of AI*

#2: Automated Marketing Campaigns

You’ll be able to automate so much with GenieAI. Just drag and drop to create a flowchart like structure because all the functionality is built into the system.

Get a lead from Facebook – the system can ping them a text within seconds, with a link to book a time to meet or call. It can then follow up the following day all without you lifting a finger and it’s soooooo easy to set up.

Want to see GenieAI in action?

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#3: Email Marketing

As you’d expect it has a brilliant email marketing function. You can create emails from scratch, use pre-written templates, get the AI to write them for you...

PLUS: GenieAI includes best-in-class split testing (so you can boost your conversions with the flick of a switch!) and offers the same level of email deliverability as any other major email platform.

#4: 2-Way Texting

Other systems can send text messages out but GenieAI is the ONLY system in the UK that comes with 2-way text messaging.

So you can send a text right there from the system, and get replies straight into the system as well…

You can send 'en-masse' broadcasts, or have personal 1:1 conversations.

However you use it, expect massive engagement uplifts and conversion surges!

#5: Omnichannel Inbox

Never miss another lead or enquiry again because GenieAI collates ALL your inbound messages and leads – whatever the source – all into one place.

Whether it's your Facebook messages, Google Business Profile reviews, Instagram Direct Messages, email replies, text messages - even phone calls(!) - EVERYTHING comes into your GenieAI inbox.

No more logging on to twenty-seven places each day or week to see who’s been in touch or what question they’ve asked…

#6: Fully Loaded EC Templates

Your GenieAI account will come pre-loaded with dozens of emails, landing pages, automated campaigns and other templates which have been written, tried and tested by the Entrepreneurs Circle team.

Just fill in the gaps to swipe and deploy the most effective campaigns EC has ever created - all included with your subscription.

Campaign Templates Include:

  • A full 52-week follow up campaign (with versions for B2B and B2C businesses)
  • The EC's legendary Competition Follow Up
  • Lead Magnet Campaigns (including the landing pages!)
  • And literally dozens and dozens more!

Want to see inside ALL THE EC TEMPLATES in GenieAI?

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#7: Full Website Builder

Wave goodbye to the headaches of dealing with web developers or dodgy live chat support... GenieAI has the most intuitive platform that enables you to create full feature websites with zero coding knowledge thanks to our ‘drag-and-drop’ tools.

If you don't love your current site, you can use our proven EC templates or even start from scratch - but you'll have a shiny new website that looks EXACTLY how you want it to in minutes - not months!

You’ll be amazed at just how easy – and functionally rich – it is.

NOTE: you don't need to move your website over to GenieAI - but it's nice to know you can if you want to!

#8: Funnels & Landing Pages

Websites are important, but you need landing pages and marketing funnels to generate leads and sales!

GOOD NEWS: GenieAI comes with unlimited sales and marketing funnels – you can easily import existing funnels from places like ClickFunnels or design your own using a super simple drag and drop interface – and there’s a bunch of the EC’s most successful funnels already loaded for you to simply swipe and deploy.

#9: Fully Customisable Form Builder

Already have a great website? You can create lead forms within GenieAI (and style them exactly how you want!) which live on your existing pages to automatically add your leads into the system.

BONUS: you can also create SurveyMonkey style surveys to get feedback or generate leads which integrate beautifully into your new or existing pages.

Want to ‘Test Drive’ GenieAI?

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#10: Review Management

Explode your 5-star review count with GenieAI's automated review request features!

  • Automatically collect reviews.
  • Display them beautifully on your web pages.
  • Fully customisable.

Systematically collecting reviews is no longer a challenge and becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3!

#11: Virtual Phone System

GenieAI is fully equipped with the latest (and greatest!) 'click-to-call' technology which means you can use your computer as a phone to instantly call leads and customers wherever you are.

PLUS: it has built in tracking numbers, call recording and more!

#12: Full Calendar Booking System

GenieAI has its own full service calendar application built in – so you no longer need Calendly (or any other calendar subscription) because it’s all included.

Whether you want to book meetings in your calendar, round-robin prospects between a sales team, offer course bookings, appointments - all with extreme customisations built in so you can add things like buffer time, multi-step sessions, maximum appointments per day and more.

Want to check if the GenieAI
Calendar will work for you?

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#13: Invoicing & Payments

GenieAI integrates directly with Stripe and PayPal so you can collect payments on your websites, or even when someone books an appointment – and linking to your book-keeping system is a breeze as well.

PLUS: if you send out quotes and invoices - that system is all included in GenieAI too!

#14: Courses & Memberships

You can create a thriving community by using the GenieAI Membership Platform that works just like Kajabi does - all included – so you can build full courses with unlimited video hosting.

You can sell courses or offer them for free - it's up to you - but you’ll have unlimited users, offers, and products for all your courses. Amazing huh!

#15: Social Media Planner

GenieAI has its very own Social Media scheduler built in. Create draft posts (or let the AI do it for you!) and schedule them to all major platforms in one click!

PLUS: all of your messages and DMs get pulled through into the Omnichannel Inbox so you'll never miss a thing AND those people who send you a message are automatically imported into your contact list.

Want to see the AI craft a Social Media Post for your business in seconds?

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#16: Pipeline

GenieAI’s built-in Pipeline feature enables you to keep track of where all your leads are and what stage they are at in your sales funnel – just like Pipedrive (so you won’t need that any more!).

PLUS: the drag and drop interface can be used as a project management tool as well!

#17: Analytics & Dashboards

You'll never be in the dark again, because your GenieAI Dashboard keeps an overview of everything: where your leads are, your ad spend, your team's appointments, how much you’ve generated on each phase of your funnels and more!

PLUS: GenieAI will pull through your Google Ads and Facebook Ads data so you can view analytics and monitor the performance of all your paid ads in one place.

BONUS: GenieAI really is UNLIMITED!


Stop paying for website hosting, because unlimited enterprise level WordPress Hosting is INCLUDED in your GenieAI subscription (this will save most people thousands!).


There's no limit to what you can create inside GenieAI because you have UNLIMITED websites, web pages, marketing funnels, automated campaigns and more... ALL included in your subscription.


You can upload photos and videos to GenieAI with UNLIMITED storage in the Media Library.


With GenieAI, you don't pay per contact - so whether you have an existing list in the dozens, hundreds, thousands (or millions!) your subscription won't change!

GenieAI Integrations

GenieAI can integrate with almost every platform out there.

The following have 'one-click' integrations built in to the system:

Want to integrate something else with GenieAI?
It's easy! Thanks to GenieAI's Zapier Connection and full service API. Our support team can help you integrate and connect virtually any tool or system with the GenieAI platform.

Zapier Connections

GenieAI has its very own Zap in Zapier which makes it super simple to connect over 5,000+ other tools and systems.

Advanced Integrations:

GenieAI also comes equipped with a full-service API which means you can connect it to any other platform on the planet that also has API functionality.

GOOD NEWS: our in-house support team are experts at integrating other platforms into GenieAI!

Want to see if GenieAI can integrate with your existing systems?

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The Best Part Of GenieAI?
The World-Class In-House Support

The GenieAI support team is based out of ECHQ in Birmingham and their sole purpose is to help you make the most of the system.

Live Chat with the team for quick questions.
Call them on the dedicated support line to talk things through.
Or book in a Zoom Call to share screens and crack any problem you're facing.

You have truly UNLIMITED support included in your subscription so whether you want Lee on the team to help you link up your calendars, want to chat to Ellie about your automated campaigns, or get Usama on the team to help you connect your domain - you'll never get stuck - and you'll never be alone.

Book a Bespoke Demo of GenieAI
Book a Zoom Call with the Team to discover if GenieAI is right for you


GenieAI saves the average user over £430+ a month in subscriptions!

EC Members save £100/mth


Entrepreneurs Circle Member Pricing:

Exclusively for Members
of Entrepreneurs Circle


Plus a one-off £99 set-up fee

EC Members also recieve £30 of usage credits, each and every month. So most members won't need to pay for anything else at all!

Public Pricing:

For Non-Members of
Entrepreneurs Circle


Plus a one-off £99 set-up fee

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Try Before You Buy! Get a Demo of the GenieAI System Today!
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In addition to your subscription, the only other cost with GenieAI is your usage.

Important: If it doesn't cost us anything, it doesn't cost you anything. But the elements of the system like phone calls or text messages which do cost to send, are charged to your account at cost.

GOOD NEWS: EC Members get £30 of usage credits applied to their account each and every month!

£30 of usage credits is equal to about 30,000 emails, 3,000 texts or 280,000 AI generated words... so for most businesses - it's plenty!

You only pay for what you use and with your first £30 of usage included each month, most members don't pay anything extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if GenieAI is right for my business?

Let's find out! Book a demo with our team and they'll get to know your business, how it works, what you want GenieAI to do and then give you the honest answer!
Click Here to Book a GenieAI Demo

Do you have tutorials and on-boarding?

Oh boy do we! We have a comprehensive on-boarding process which makes setting up your GenieAI account a doddle - PLUS our support team are here to help you do whatever you want to do. Nothing is too big, too small or too complex for our Genies!

Can I get extra 'techy' help?

Of course! In fact, we recommend booking in proper Zoom Call sessions with the support team so you can share screens and even grant them access to your account to get in there and fix things. We're here to help in any way we can!

Can I import my existing data?

You bet! You can import existing contacts from any system and the support team are happy to help you get that sorted.

Got a Question?

We've got answers! If you have more questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

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