Adrianne Carter

Video Transcript:

I know want to do, but I’m not really clear on how to get there, and what Entrepreneurs Circle has done has given me a really clear direction on where to focus time and effort.

I set myself a yearly, a target for this first year in business to see whether it would be, make or break. So the target was a £100,000 from last November, and we reached the target in August. So yeah, it’s definitely, definitely made an impact on growth.

I get so many ideas. So days like today I’ll come and I’ll even though the focus isn’t on me and my business for all of it, it doesn’t matter because there’s so much information, but if you just listen and take notes, like how could I apply that to my business? It’s so applicable.

I was looking for a clear direction, so I didn’t need somebody to come and do it for me. Just needed sort of a safe pair of hands that I can turn to, when I need some advice or help, and it’s just having that on top. I don’t use it very often to be honest, I don’t very often ring in or talk to a member of the EC team, it’s more about knowing the security is there.

And if I ever do, it’s immediate assistance and the Facebook group is great as well, because you just put something in there, I think, oh, and then you get loads of responses back. So it’s like a team, you’ve got your team without having a team, if that makes sense.

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