Deborah Walker


“I’m a naturopath and my business is ‘Passport to Change’. Joining the EC reminded me why I had originally set my business up and how I should be capitalising on the name. I knew this but sometimes you need to hear the glaringly obvious. I went home and just started planning.

“Using a roll of wallpaper backing, my living room was soon swamped by yards of paper, covered in my ideas. I was on a roll – literally!

“With EC you learn two things above everything else – motivation and implementation. It has driven me to achieve and go out to do things I would have put off, thinking they would never work. I realise now I won’t know until I try them – and the world isn’t beating a path to a naturopathic nutritionist’s door without me getting out and beating a path to theirs!

“So here goes … since joining EC I have:

Income gains: I’ve increased my income 50% after the first month of EC and 52% the second month, far more than planned and I’ve done this because I’ve put into action stacks of stuff from the circulars, from the local and national events. I devour the circular when it comes through the door, thinking ‘how can I apply that idea to my business?’

Radio … and opportunity!: I got myself interviewed on the radio (and have been invited back), which is great in its own right, but I offered to help heal the presenter’s dog that had been sent home to die with a paralysed larynx – the vet thinks it’s a miracle that the dog is now as good as new! I then ended up on Irish radio for two hours, talking about naturopathy due, again, to helping the dog out. They have now asked if I am interested in co-hosting a regular show … so you just never know where things might lead!

My niche and social media / blogging: I’ve definitely found my ‘category of one’ – as I’m probably the UK’s only raw vegan naturopathic nutritionist, so it wasn’t too difficult to find in all honesty! And this has given me a perfect platform for my blogging and social media. I’ve gained clients from across the UK – not just locally – due to the radio show, changing my website copy and tweeting out that I was a raw food vegan naturopathic nutritionist. Plus I’ve linked my Facebook page with two rather famous friends in the raw vegan nutrition world. As a result, I am tweeting far more (@changepassport). After I tweeted about my handsome AA patrolman after a car breakdown, the AA favourited my tweet; this increased hits to my website by over 400% in one day!

Writing: I redrafted my book and I am writing my next book as well as designed 21 natural health guides for my clients to take away with them in the sessions. I’ve more planned, which means that my clients gain more from their sessions with me. I’ve written articles for the Nutritionist Directory, Drop By, and other websites which had over 100 hits each. I’ve been blogging more than once a week on

Prices and services: I have increased my prices, to reflect the health screening I do, and I’m now charging for the other half hour of my initial first consultation. I have added food and environmental intolerance screening as an additional service as well.

Posters: I put posters up in the local schools, nurseries, Post Offices and shops to advertise food intolerance screening for children – a whole new area for me – and I’ve already had bookings as a result. Hilariously, even the butcher put a poster up for me.

Database: I’m building my database. I’ve added client birthdays and I’m now sending out follow up postcards for clients’ fridges to remind them to stay out of it when the going gets tough. I have found a way of putting their names in flowers on the front so it looks totally cool and personalised.

Referral coupons: Referral coupons are the best thing I ever did in my life, (outside of juicing and smoothies with chocolate in them!); everyone gets them who come to their second appointment.