Lee Chappell

Video Transcript:

I have understood the numbers, which has taught me how to progress my business and what I should spend money on and not waste on. It’s helped me in discovering staff members I can take on, the appropriate way to advertise for them, and the marketing in itself is valuable. AdWords, redesigning the website. And it’s helped grow the business in the last four years, I’ve been a member with The Entrepreneur’s Circle.

AdWords, though. That in itself has probably increased by about 15% on talking with yourself and the correcting how badly designed it was.

I was looking for general help and support with the business full stop. I’ve been running the business for 21 years and I’ve just been bouncing along but by joining this group, it’s changed my view that I always thought I was working for the business into that I need to work on the business. Now I’m take a step back and not doing the support aspect as much. It’s just helped me manage the business better and understand where I want to go.

To everyone else is in the same boat, it’s the camaraderie, the togetherness. Everyone’s there to help everyone else.

Lee Chappell – Clearsky IT