Darren Armstrong


Darren Armstrong, owner of Chin! Chin! Bar & Kitchen in Bristol has had a phenomenal year.

He believes that thanks to the EC he’s begun to look at his marketing in a totally different way; sniffing out innovations where others would see limitations.

Well, we’re so pleased to hear that Chin! Chin! was awarded the Bristol Good Food Award 2015 for the second year running on the back of this innovative thinking.

It came about after Darren attended the Business Excellence Bootcamp where Nige expressed the importance of entering in for industry awards as a great way to increase public awareness.

Not one to not take heed on direct advice from the big man, Darren threw himself into doing just that and has now crafted the perfect ‘power of one’ statement.

Ladies and gents, please make way for Chin! Chin! Bristol’s only award-winning café bar and restaurant that celebrates Great British Empire Food & Drink!

“Thank you Nigel and Team EC! You’ve been an inspiration and gave me back by business mojo on many an occasion, helped introduce me to some great people and I couldn’t imagine a future without you all!”