Neil O’Brien

Video Transcript:

A lot of thing’s actually. A lot of what I’ve learned, it’s as much about self-development as it’s teaching about business expertise and marketing. It certainly gives me the confidence to try new things and to encourage the rest of the team around me, to be a bit more outgoing, which is quite a difficult thing for a team of accountants to do.

I was looking for more help really, to try and get some marketing initiatives under the go. There’s a lot of people who are offering advice and support, but they all knew about one specific element of the marketing mix. So when it came across the Entrepreneurs Circle, they had a range of expertise in the team there that could actually help support myself and my team to grow and try new techniques.

The past 12 months we’ve over-doubled the revenue, which has been a very steep learning curve to try and manage the amount of incoming inquiries and the onboarding of new clients. And we’re set to carry on in the same growth. It’s Thursday this week, and I’ve onboarded four new clients already. So we’re growing at a phenomenal rate. I now need to try and find bigger and better premises to keep everybody happy and squeeze everybody in because I can see that we need more new staff.

I actually have two favourite things. The support of the team back in Botty Towers, that really makes a difference. So if there’re any problems or challenges then we can grab them on the phone and have a chat to them. But outside of the Entrepreneurs Circles of business, it’s the community and network that comes with being a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle. So there’s a myriad of other entrepreneurs who are all going through the same journey at different points themselves, but there’s always someone else who’s being the donut and you’ve got a different person to speak to about the problems and issues that you face.

Neil O’Brien – Accentis