Linda Rumbold


On a Sunday in February I signed up for a trial membership of the Entrepreneurs Circle because I wanted to attend the Facebook Marketing course I’d seen advertised. The very next day I attended my first EC meeting and I haven’t looked back since!

My real “light bulb moment” came when I attended the most amazing business event I have ever experienced! The ECs Million Pound Masterplan event, led by Nigel, cost a fair bit of money, but I came to the conclusion that I had to go, and before the second day was over I realised I was in the wrong business altogether.

That was quite a wake-up call!

I got so much stuff done…

Days 3 and 4 of that Course were fantastic as I was able to talk to a variety of people who were experts in their field, bounce ideas off other delegates as we sat around tables implementing some of the practical stuff we had learned over the first two days, and I came away from that event having set-out my new (different) business and:


  • written a script and made a marketing video
    • improved my facebook adverts
    • written headlines for different marketing pieces
    • got some great ideas for a newsletter, and
    • a list of 24 other really important things I needed to do!


3 new clients already…

But most importantly of all, within weeks I had applied some of the learning from the Entrepreneurs Circle and am heading in a completely different direction with the launch of Linda Rumbold Marketing. I’m already celebrating the acquisition of my first three clients, and have a clear plan for the future.

I have gained the confidence to believe in myself, and just go for it.

I’m certain I wouldn’t have had the confidence and belief to take such a bold step if I hadn’t joined EC and taken on board the very practical thinking, ideas and strategies and then mplemented them.