John Arko

Video Transcript:

We joined in 2010. So been on quite a while. When we started in EC, myself and Ryan worked out of his back bedroom. We now have 10 employees, two offices, we’ve been on the BBC twice, we’ve featured in lots of the national newspapers and the business has just gone from strength to strength.

At that time, cause it felt quite alone as a business person and being in the same room as loads of other people in the same situation was just so helpful. Getting the ideas because when you first start, you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, but just having ideas sort of given to you, try this, try this, try this. And then it’s just a matter of working out which bits of them ideas you want to try first and implementing them.

The people, without question. Just got friends that we’ve had since 2010. And every time you come and meet someone new, have a chat and then just end up being friends for life and you don’t always end up doing business with each other, but you quite often get referrals because you just build up that community of other business owners.

John Arko – Finder Monkey