Richard Curtis

Video Transcript:

Well, when I joined the Entrepreneurs Circle, at that stage I had no idea of the importance of marketing, the importance of knowing my numbers. So many basic things that I’ve learned through the Entrepreneurs Circle. I’m now at a stage where actually, we’ve got a fully scalable product that we’re rolling out across the country. And we’re looking to make a seven-figure income in the next 12 months.

I joined Entrepreneurs Circle in order to just get some help with marketing, and understanding how to communicate my message to our potential clients.

When I joined Entrepreneurs Circle, our turnover will have been about £40,000 to £50,000. As I say, in the next 12 months, we forecast to have seven-figure turnover.

I love the community, I love the faces, I love talking to people, I love people recognising each other and just catching up, and just helping each other out in different ways.

Richard Curtis – The Root Of It