Deborah Fielding

Video Transcript:

What’s changed for the better in my businesses? Absolutely everything, but most importantly, my mindset. I’ve always been very optimistic and a very enthusiastic energised person. But to have the support network around you, enables your mindset to think you can do what you want to do. And so I’ve had some proper enormous things that I’ve gone after and achieved.

Would I have done them without the Entrepreneur Circle? There’s every possibility I would, but it’s been so much more enjoyable with it. And other people that I’ve met, the support, there’s no question goes unanswered. If you’ve got an issue and it could be as complicated as you like within your business, it gets simplified in a nanosecond when you reach out and ask somebody that is in the same position as you. And that just makes life infinitely easier. I’m such a big advocate of the EC because you feel like you’ve got a great mate by your side all the way through.

And you do have dark moments as an entrepreneur. That’s for sure. So I just feel that sometimes it’s good to have that support network alongside you.

Introduced to the EC by a fellow member. And when I first came, I thought he was completely bonkers, but actually I had a great day. And what I really understood right from the off goes is massive sense of community, which has never left me. It’s been a complete amazing bonus that I never expected to receive when I joined. If I needed to phone somebody at 3:00 in the morning, because I couldn’t sleep because I’m worrying about something, I’ve got people from the EC that I could pick the phone up to and they would never send me away packing.

They’d be there with an ear to listen and help me out. So that sense of community is enormous. And I think the overwhelming at first, amounts of marketing, and the turning of your mind into a direction that’s really fantastic. Once you’ve got aboard that, it’s like a conveyor belt, I think. You’re off it when you arrive. When you land on it, once you’ve been turned and your head starts to think, and I was quick to pick that up because I loved it, you can’t get enough of it. So it almost becomes like a bit of an addiction. You want more of it.

I’m going to go for the top one, which is Nice.. I think he’s such a great guy. Botty rules in my mind is encouraging, enthusiastic. He’s always got time for you. Very open minded, very focused, very determined. And he’s not been without tough times. It’s a business at the end of the day, but it keeps on ploughing through as we all do. So it leads from the top and that enthusiasm and excitement for what he does definitely filters through to all the rest of the members.

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