Colin Brown

Video Transcript:

I would say practically everything, really. I think a lot of that is based around actually the interaction with all the Inner Circle members or the other EC members, the staff, Nigel, obviously, himself. But it’s just that input which makes the difference, because everyone’s striving for their own personal goals. I think when you’re around people that are striving for their own personal goals, that inspires you as well, for your own.

I’ll be totally honest, when I joined it was just a suck it and see thing. I didn’t know what I wanted. There was no great clarity. I suppose, going back to the previous question, that’s what’s really changed. I’ve now got clarity about where I want my business to be.

Just since joining, and before we’ve even implemented anything, because of my mindset change my revenue has actually gone up more than 25% in four months.

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