Sam Evans

Video Transcript:

The biggest impact for me and the one that I needed to focus on was really targeting my activities in the right way. I have so many ideas and so many things I could do, but I really needed a sniper rather than a machine gun. It was getting into the right areas. And that’s what I’ve done since I did the implementation bootcamp with Andy. That really got me thinking about, which I should have done before obviously, where my revenue is coming from, where my customers are coming from and then replicating that, which I’ve been doing. So for me, most of my business comes through a partnership with a top end hotel. And since the implementation bootcamp, I’ve already seen five new hotels and I’ve been signed up as a supplier for them so yeah, big difference.

As I describe it to my friends, I see it as sort of Alcoholics Anonymous for entrepreneurs, it’s a lonial place setting up and running your own business. I’ve got half a person at the moment working for me which is great. And it was just to get back on track. The only thing I miss from my corporate life are all the people I worked with. I worked with some brilliant, brilliant people, and I bounced ideas off, I learned so much and I miss that desperately. And this I see as, and it has been, again, I’ve met some brilliant people. I’ve learnt though, it’s not just from Andy and Nigel running things, but from fellow members. Imitation is the best form of flattery so I’m nicking ideas left, right and centre. Hopefully helping other people with ideas too. It’s just a logical implementable way of working.

I hate all this American stuff. I hate all these networking where you just swap business cards and walk away thinking I’ve achieved nothing but wasted three hours. This is about solid, practical help, which is what I think we all need because we can’t be experts in all of it. So we do all need help and it’s fantastic.

I think the most beneficial is obviously implementing the stuff. The most enjoyable bits are all of these. It’s just meeting the people, listening to stories and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, I love all of that.

Sam Evans – Humphreys of Henley